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The new 9th episode trailer of Destan (The Epic) has been released! In the end episode; While this healing journey brings Alpagu Han and Akkız closer together, a very painful process begins with the secrets revealed. What happen in the episode on January 31th?

The new episode trailer of the popular series of ATV screens, Destan, has been released. The series, which came to the screen with its first episode on November 23, 2021, was loved by the audience in a short time. The series, directed by Emir Khalilzadeh, came to the screen with its 8th episode. The 9th episode trailer of the series, which gives exciting scenes, has been released. Here are Destan (The Epic) 8th episode trailer and the end episode summary...

Starring names such as Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar, Destan continues to rapidly progress towards becoming the favorite series of ATV viewers. The 9th episode trailer of the Destan series, which is expected to return to the screens after the New Year's Eve, has been released. Here are 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Destan (The Epic) ......

Learning that Balamir will shed blood and blame Claw, Akkız returns to the palace. He brought Kün Ata with him to heal Alpagu Han's wound. In return for his life, he has two trump cards; You are the two prisoners in the hands of Çolpah Hatun. Determined to fight if necessary to get his sons back, Alpagu Han wants to wear his armor and what he realizes puts Akkız in death.

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Colpan Han, who negotiates a ransom with Alpagu Khan for the captive tegins, makes the relations between Dağ and Gök enter a new era, but the terms of the agreement devastate both Temur and Günseli. Temur tries to burn the ships. Günseli's offer of help from an unexpected person puts the Gök Khanate in great trouble.

Akkız and Batuga bond well with each other during this process where they learn very shocking things. While Batuga tries to save Akkız's life, he and Akkız make a plan to catch Balamir red-handed. However, Balamir has played big this time and the plan that will change everyone's life is working perfectly. Here are 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Destan (The Epic) .....

What happen in the end episode?

Alpagu Khan is taken to the Mountain by Akkz and Batuga to be healed. Alpagu Han seeks spiritual healing while Kün Ata treats his wound. While this healing path draws Alpagu Han and Akkz closer together, the secrets uncovered begin a painful process. Balamir seizes the palace and the administration in a night raid, taking advantage of Alpagu's fleeing the nation to be treated.

Even in the start of his quest to become a Double-Headed Wolf, Batuga manages to bring the Mountain and the Sky together around a shared purpose. However, in order for his strategy against Balamir to succeed, he will have to make a significant concession.

Destan (The Epic) Episode 9 Trailer

Destan (The Epic) Episode 9 Summary

Alpagu Han, who regained his throne thanks to Akkız, realizes that Akkız is Claw on the same day. This fact drives Alpagu crazy. Shocked by Batuga's acceptance of marrying Kırçiçek, Akkız encounters Alpagu Han's relentless anger and is exiled from the Mountain by Çolpan Han, whose plans she hindered.

Batuga, on the other hand, is faced with the threat of revealing the truth from Kırçiçek, who learned his secret. Akkız and Batuga, who are stuck with the hostility of the two inns and the threat of Kırçiçek, only have one day to find a cure for death. The two of them are clamped together and they go to seek that remedy. Where they are looking for a solution to their future, the enemies of the past will come before them! Unexpected enemies!

Destan (The Epic), which is eagerly awaited in many countries of the world, The new episode 9 will appear in front of the audience on the ATV screen on Tuesday evening, January 31st. Read Also All Episode of Destan (The Epic)

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