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Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 5 Release Date

When will the new 5th episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner) be released? What day is the series aired? Watch the alternative 5th episode trailer here ...

The popular TV series Mahkum (The Prisoner) is meeting with its fans this evening. Viewers who want to watch the series, is wondered when is the new episode be aired? When is the 5th episode of the series released? Has the 5th episode trailer been released? Here are the details...

When is the new episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner) released? The answer to the question is curious. Mahkum, who is eagerly awaited by TV series fans, is meeting with their fans this evening. Viewers who want to watch the series are searching for when the new episode of Mahkum is, Is the new episode released today, What will happen in the new episode of Mahkum.

When will Mahkum Episode Be Released?

Mahkum (The Prisoner) series started its screen adventure a short time ago. The new episode date of Mahkum, which appeared before the audience with its latest 4th episode, was a matter of curiosity. Mahkum, a Fox series, meets the audience every Thursday. Well, isn't Mahkum series out this week, when is the new episode?

mahkum episode 5 release date
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After the New Year's holiday, many TV series took a break from their screen adventures, one of which was Mahkum. Leaving 4 weeks behind in the screen adventure, the 5th episode trailer of Mahkum was released, but it was not included in the broadcast on January 6th. According to the broadcast on January 6, the Turkish movie "Naz Evi" will be on the screen instead of the 5th episode of Mahkum. The new episode of Mahkum is expected to air on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 8 P.M.

What happen in the end episode?

Following the clues he dug into the cell wall, Fırat searches every corner for Hacı. Hacı, who is not willing to give clues easily, is after requests that will put the Euphrates at great risk. While Fırat chases clues, Cemre makes a move that will change the course of the case. He put the prosecutor's office under great pressure for re-enactment of the crime scene.

Ferda, the mysterious woman from Savaş's past, turns Barış's life upside down. While trying to figure out who sent the envelopes, the appearance of this woman puts Barış into a corner. Or is it Ferda who sent those envelopes? With the help of Sasha, Barış embarks on a struggle to solve this equation with many unknowns. Read Also All Episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner)

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