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Who are the cast of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love)? What about their characters?

Koliba Film will be the producer of the TV series Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love), which will meet with the audience on ATV screens. His name will be Sevgi actors Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, Gizem Güneş, Asena Keskinci, Nihan Büyükağaç and Fatih Al.

The Plot Story of Adı Sevgi are: Child brides and violence against women will be discussed in the drama named Name Love. Filiz Alpgezmen will be the scriptwriter of the TV series Adı Sevgi, and Sadullah Çelen will be the director of the series.

Character Cast of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love)

Yunus Emre Yildirimer as Emir Baykara

Finally, Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, who appeared in EDHO series, will be the male lead actor for the first time in Adı Sevgi series. Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, who was born on February 5, 1982, is known for the Fatih-Harbiye TV series, he is married to Melissa Yıldırımer.


Emir Baykara is the son of Muzaffer Baykara, one of the prominent businessmen of the district; He is the younger brother of Ekrem Baykara. He lost his father, Muzaffer Baykara, whom he loved very much, while he went to America for education. The order was taken by his father. He is a just and charitable man like him. After his father died, his older brother Ekrem had the people of the region uprooted. As soon as Emir returns from abroad, he goes to war with his older brother Ekrem to bring justice to the county. Emir encounters Elif, the new teacher assigned to the district; Although the couple is tense at first, a great love will begin between them later on.

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Gizem Güneş as Elif Teacher

Gizem Güneş, one of the actors named Sevgi, will take part in a project with Yunus Emre Yıldırımer as a partner in a project that will be the first female lead actress. In the TV series named Sevgi, Elif was loved as Feride in the TV series Gizem Güneş North Star, which will meet her audience as a teacher. The beautiful actress, born in 1995, is 27 years old. The Storm in Me series and the movie Everything is on the Way Center are among the important projects of Gizem Güneş. She is a graduate of the conservatory at Istanbul Technical University.


Elif, who was appointed to Sarpça District, is a Turkish Language and Literature teacher. The desperation of Zeynep, who is the smartest student in the school, first attracts the attention of Elif, who starts working in one of the troubled schools of the district. While Zeynep had dreams at a young age, her family wanted to be forced into marriage. Unable to respond to these cries for help, Elif tries to cure Zeynep's despair. Unfortunately, Elif did not have a pretty childhood; However, Elif has always struggled and won.

Fatih Al as Ekrem Baykara

Fatih Al, who will give life to a difficult father in the TV series named Sevgi, was born on September 12, 1976 in Ankara. A graduate of Ankara University, Fatih Al has appeared in the TV series Sihirli Annem, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Kanatsız Kuşlar and Kırmızı Kamyon .

Ekrem is Macide's husband; He is also Volkan's father. Ekrem is actually an occupier who has been put into his family's fortune alone after his father Muzaffer's death. He never wanted his brother Emir to return to Turkey; but when Emir returned to Turkey, he took action to smuggle the goods from him. When Emir saw the real face of his brother, a great conflict started between the two brothers. Ekrem does not look like his father Muzaffer at all. Worships money and power.

Nihan Buyukagac as Macide Baykara

Nihan Büyükağaç was born in 1981 in Istanbul and she is 41 years old. Nihan Büyükağaç, who is a graduate of Ankara University Theater Department, has found a place for herself in TV series such as Gönül İşleri and İkizler Memo-Can and Canevim and Cesur ve Güzel.

Macide is Ekrem's wife; she is Volkan's mother. The thing Macide cares most about in life is her son Volkan. Although Macide comes from a poor family, she is now one of the most powerful and influential women in the district. Although Macide Muzaffer thinks that Baykara has the power and wealth, the truth will soon realize.

Mert Dogan as Volkan Baykara

Volkan Baykara is the son of the Baykara family. It was bred to be quite spoiled. He is a rebellious young man. Although it is clear that he is not ready for marriage, his family wants him to get married and settle down.


Volkan is a rich and spoiled young man who is obsessively in love with Zeynep. The spoiled child of the Baykara family, one of the richest in Sarpça. His father could not love and accept Volkan; her mother, who was constantly criticizing, could not fit into the sky. This is why Volkan has become an unstable type. Volkan, impressed by Zeynep's innocence, is sure that Zeynep will one day love him very much.


Asya Butcher as Zeynep

She will appear as the supporting lead actress in the Asian Butcher series, which successfully gives life to the characters of Adelina in the Barbaroslar series and İpek in the Aegean's Anchovy series. Asya Butcher, whose name will appear in the TV series Sevgi with the character of Zeynep, Asya Butcher was born on September 29, 2001. She is 21 years old.

Zeynep is the student of the teacher Elif. She is given to the wealthy Baykara family as a bride before she finishes high school. Zeynep has never loved Volkan, who will be his wife. Zeynep has only one wish.

Hande Kaptan as Ozlem Tasci

Hande Kaptan, one of the female lead actors of the series named Sevgi, gave life to the character of Kadriye in the TV series My Name is Melek in 2020 and saw the peak in her career. The 37-year-old beautiful actress, who graduated from Bilkent University Music and Performing Arts, has recently appeared in TV series such as Şahane Damat and Behzat Ç Bir Ankara.

Ozlem has been working as an English teacher at Elif's school for many years. Although he loves his job, he is tired of students. Elif; She will be roommate with Özlem. Both are very different characters. Engaged to Özlem Levent; Özlem also bears Sarpça only for her fiancee, but she can't stop without whims to her.

Cenk Hakan Koksal as Levent

Cenk Hakan Köksal is known for his character Cengiz, whom he gave life to in the TV series Eşkıya. He is a graduate of Haliç University Theater Department and was born in Erzincan in 1982. Cenk Hakan Köksal is 40 years old.

Cenk Hakan Köksal will give life to the character of Levent in the TV series Adı Sevgi. Levent is the fiancee of Özlem in the TV series Sevgi. Even though she is going to marry Özlem soon, Özlem's whims annoyed her even before she got married.

Mehtap Bayri as Şükran Özer

Mehtap Bayri became an actress in the TV series Adi Sevgi. He was born on March 15, 1977 in Mardin. Mehtap Bayri, who is very popular with the Sevda character he gave life to in the Kalk Gidelim series, is actively involved in the theater stages.

Şükran is Servant of Baykara Family. Şükran, who is in charge of the mansion, is the right hand of the lady of the house, Macide. Şükran, who is a smart and shrewd woman, has two children named Ferdi and Fidan. His eyes are open, like the individual himself; however, Fidan is pure and clumsy.

Asena Keskinci as Fidan

Asena Keskinci, who was born in 2001 in Istanbul, has signed important projects such as Ahlat Tree and Innocence in 2021. Asena Keskinci will be the villain of the name Love series.

Fidan is the daughter of Şükran in the series Adi Sevgi. Although Fidan is sometimes clumsy and angers her mother Şükran, she has never been greedy and evil-hearted.

Kürşat Demir as Ferdi

Kürşat Demir, who is among the actors of EDHO series and gives life to the character of Kubilay, will also appear in the TV series named Sevgi. Kürşat Demir, who graduated from Kadir Has University Theater Department, was born in 1990 in Sinop.

Ferdi is the only son of Şükran in the TV series Adi Sevgi. Although he is the son of the servant of the Baykara family, he is close friends with Volkan Baykara. He is an open-minded and intelligent young man.

Lara Domac

Lara Domaç, who gives life to the character of Roza in the Teşkilat TV series, will also be in the cast of Adı Sevgi. Lara Domaç, who was previously in the TV series Bir Underground Sit-Com, has recently been featured in the TV series My Dreams Love and 20 Minutes, but she could not prove herself. Lara Domac was born in Istanbul in 1999 and is within the age of 22.

Sila Korkmaz

Sıla Korkmaz, who was previously in the TV series Çember, was born on October 19, 1995. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Psychology. Sıla Korkmaz, who completed her acting education at Müjdat Gezen Art Center, has also appeared in the series of Honor and Honor in recent years.

Ilker Sami Kilic

İlker Sami Kılıç graduated from the Theater Department of Okan University. The handsome actor, 1.92 cm tall, had an acting experience in front of the camera in the Netflix series The Club Mordı.

Ozan Guclu

Ozan Güçlü, born in Istanbul in 1994, started acting with the TV series "Tevbeler Olsun", but he was previously featured in the Youtube series Kaygan Zemin. The handsome actor from Bursa, Ozan Güçlü, is a graduate of Kadir Has University, theater department. The first internet series was the Student House series.

Ece Koroglu

Ece Koroglu is a theater actress, actually she graduated from the department of architecture.

Oktay Korunan

Born in 1965 in Istanbul, Oktay Korunan graduated from the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University. Okday, known for Fatih Harbiye's Cesur ve Guzel and Kanit TV series, will be among the actors of Adi Sevgi.

Bora Kirkim

Bora kirkim will take place as an actor in the love series. The series will also give life to a high school student.

Arzu Oruc Guler

Desire fast laughs Arzu Oruc Guler will appear as a teacher in the TV series Adi Sevgi

Esat Polat Guler

The name of Esat Polat will be included in the love series Polat Güler will give life to a high school student

Serpil Gul

Experienced actress Serpil Gül will also appear in the TV series Adı Sevgi and will give life to a devoted mother.

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