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Character Cast of Baba (The Father): Turkish Drama

Who are the cast of Baba (The Father) series? What about their character? What the story of the series?

The cast of the TV series Baba (The Father), which will begin broadcasting on Show TV on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 8 P.M, has been announced. Haluk Bilginer, Tolga Sarıtaş, Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat, Beril Pozam, Taner Rumeli and Özge Özacar will take part in the cast.

The scriptwriter of the series Baba, in which Ay Yapım will act as a producer, will be Gökhan Horzum, the screenwriter of the series Çukur. The director of the TV series Baba will be Çağrı Bayrak. The story of Baba series: The changing lives of the Saruhanlı family, who broke away from each other, after the plane crash, will be told in the Baba (The Father) series. Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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Character Cast of Baba (The Father)

Emir Saruhanli (Haluk Bilginer)

Emir Saruhanlı is an old-fashioned family man who was born and raised in Ödemiş and tries to maintain his traditions. Emir Saruhanlı, who ruled his extended family as he saw it from his father, had an argument with his brother Mehmet Ali Saruhanlı, who wanted to go to Istanbul, and the two brothers got offended and never met again. Mehmet Ali Saruhanlı, who went to Istanbul, became one of the biggest businessmen in Turkey. Emin, on the other hand, has grown his business from a small grocery store to wholesale. He is a reliable tradesman and human being. Emir Saruhanlı has Alzheimer's disease and will soon forget everything.


Fazilet Saruhanlı (Ayda Aksel)

Fazilet is the mother of Saruhanlı family. She has tried to be a bridge between her children and her husband Emin for 47 years. Although she is very fond of Kadir, she could not even visit her son in prison because of Emin. Until Kadir came, she never spoke to her husband Emin for 4 years, and she stopped being offended.


Kadir Saruhanli (Tolga Sarıtaş)

Kadir Saruhanlı is one of the 3 sons of Emir Saruhanlı. Kadir is a headstrong man with his own truths; For this reason, he always clashed with his father. One day, Kadir learns that his brother Büşra is constantly being abused by his wife Ahmet. He goes to beat Ahmet; However, when Ahmet angers him even more, he stabs Ahmet in the leg and liver. His father does not forgive Kadir's mistake, and Kadir prevents Ahmet from making his complaint because he will only get smarter in prison, and Kadir stays in prison for 4 years. Seeing that his father is tearing his family apart, Kadir wants to stop it, but his father does not allow it. Kadir mert is a quality, fearless and intelligent man. He knows that his Saruhan heritage will tear his family apart and tries to protect them; However, İlhan Kadir will be in trouble.

Seville (Beril Pozam)

While Sevil Kadir's girlfriend in the TV series Baba; The university has been waiting for Kadir since the second year, but it was not possible to get married. When Kadir was also in prison, he broke up with her and married in anger; however, things did not go as she wanted in her marriage; He could not forget Kadir by saying that he will forget. Although Sevil separated from her husband within 6 months, there was an unplanned pregnancy and Üzüm was born. Sevil, who is a kindergarten teacher, now only has Üzüm in her life.

Yaşar Saruhanlı (Deniz Hamzaoğlu)

Yaşar Saruhanlı is the eldest son of Emir Saruhanlı in the TV series "Father". Yaşar is quite calm; He is a harmonious man who knows how to settle for less. He married at the request of his mother. When he was a child, he broke his father's word once and could not please his father again.

Binnur (Sedef Akalın)

Binnur is Yaşar's wife in the TV series Baba; She is the mother of Kadircan and Zeynep. Binnur is always a good mother; tried to be a good wife and a good bride; hardworking and devoted mother.


Kadircan Saruhanlı (Oktay Çubuk)

Kadircan in the TV series Baba; He is the grandson of Emir Saruhanlı. Kadircan, the son of Yaşar and Binnur, never gets along with his twin Zeynep. Youth; A child with crazy blood, but he is very afraid of his grandfather. He was born and raised in Ödemiş; He could not get into university and started working with his father and grandfather. He is very fond of his uncle Servet.

Zeynep (Zeynep Diker)

Zeynep is Yaşar and Binnur's daughter; Kadircan's twin. A beautiful and smart girl. He loves to read; does not hesitate to investigate; He loves his curious brother Kadircan very much.

Ecrin (Kayra Sir)

Ecrin is the 3rd of 4 children of Yaşar and Binnur in the TV series Baba. He never wanted his younger brother Yusuf Emin; can never agree. Since she is a teenager, she cannot agree on many issues with her older sister Zeynep. His older brother Kadircan is the apple of his eye. A popular culture follower trying to dress well.

Yusuf Emin (Yagiz Saylag)

Yusuf Emin is Youngest son of Yaşar and Binnur. Yusuf Emin, who gets along very well with his grandfather Emin, is the apple of his eye because he is the youngest of his family; a little sassy and lively.

Servet Saruhanlı (Taner Rumeli)

He is the second child of Servet Emin. He is a very handsome, warm-blooded and attractive man. Servet, who is always one step ahead with these features, could not please his father Emin alone in his life. Servet, who is a fun-loving man, broke up with his first wife Münevver for this reason, and now he has sacrificed a lot for her and married Şahika.

Münevver Saruhanlı (Bihter Dincel)

She is the first wife of Münevver Servet. Bring Şahikay home on top of Servet and Münevver. Münevver is sane, respecting his father-in-law Emin; a quiet woman. Münevver always respected Servet; He spoke little, but still did not create.

Şahika (Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat)

She is Servet's second wife is Münevver's fabric. She likes to wear nice clothes. He spent his childhood in poverty, so he loves money. It can take on different characters depending on the situation.

Kübra Saruhanlı (Damlasu İkizoğlu)

She is the granddaughter of Kübra Saruhanlı family. She is the daughter of Münevver and Servet. His father is very precious to him, so he even accepted Şahika; he even takes Şahika as an example to himself and does not want to be a wimp like his mother.

Büşra Kalkan (Özge Yağız)

She married with Büşra Ahmet, but she never fell in love with Ahmet. She didn't want to get married either, but she had to say yes because her father wanted it. After his brother Kadir stabbed Ahmet, his father did not allow Büşra to leave Ahmet; Büşra continued to stay with her drunk husband for 4 years; until Kadir gets out of prison. Büşra keeps her father's account and helps her family. Büşra and İlhan will get closer and become partners in the series Baba.

Ilhan (Hakan Kurtas)

He is the son of Ferit Karaçam, the partner of İlhan Mehmet Ali Saruhanlı in the TV series "Father". İlhan has a psychopath side. Neither his friendship nor his enmity is evident. He grew up spoiled because he was a rich kid. He took over the business when his father fell ill. He wants to win the favor of his father and receive congratulations from him. İlhan Emin will also fall in love with Saruhanlı's beautiful daughter Büşra.

Vildan (Begum Akkaya)

Vildan İlhan is the girl he dreams of and talks to all the time in the TV series "Father". Begüm Akkaya will give life to the character of Vildan in the TV series Baba.

Ferit Karaçam (Macit Koper)

Ferit Karaçam, partner of Mehmet Ali Saruhanlı, is one of the important business people of Turkey. Ferit Karaçam, who is in his 70s, is now sick and has to leave things to his son Ferit, but he cannot trust Ferit; She's afraid he'll mess things up.

Alper Cankaya (Ahmet)

Ahmet is the husband of  Büşra in the TV series Baba. Until she married Büşra, she played tricks on her and did not show her true face to either Büşra or Emin. An unstable man, Ahmet started beating his wife Büşra in the first years of their marriage; Kadir stabbed him and mutilated him. He is now into alcohol. Bella is a type. He also wants to get a share of the inheritance that belongs to the Saruhanlı family and cannot divorce Büşra.

Cansu (Ozge Ozacar)

Cansu is a close friend of Büşra. Cansu, who went to Istanbul to find a rich husband, became a salesperson in a luxury store, but could not find a rich husband. Cansu is a smart girl who attaches great importance to her clothes.

Ceyhun (Cem Uslu)

The steward and backbone of Ceyhun Saruhanlı mansion in the TV series Baba. He worked with Mehmet Ali Saruhanlı for years; he was sad as if he had lost his beloved father; but professional; He is determined to offer the same service to Emin Saruhanlı. Ceyhun is a disciplined man with rules. Ceyhun is the housekeeper of the chief assistant mansion of the Saruhanlı family.

Nihan Okucu as Uğur

Uğur in the TV series Baba; Orhan Saruhanlı's ex-girlfriend. He has an unofficial son from Orhan. A free woman knows how to have fun and enjoy life.

Burak (Osman Akca)

Burak is the CEO of Ornaz Holding, owned by Saruhan family. After the death of Saruhan Mehmet Ali Saruhan and his family, he is the one who delivered the inheritance to its rightful owner. A true professional, Burak is a smart, hardworking and reliable man.

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