Episode 1 Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love): Trailer And Summary

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The first episode trailer of ATV's new series, Adı Sevgi, starring Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and Gizem Güneş, has been released. In the trailer, the conflict of the two leading actors drew attention.

The countdown continues for ATV's new series, Adı Sevgi, whose director is Sadullah Çelen and whose script was written by Filiz Alpgezmen. The series, which brings together Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and Gizem Güneş with the character of Alparslan Çakırbeyli, whom he gave life to in EDHO series, is awaited with great curiosity by the audience.

Koliba Film signed the series, which was first announced as "On the Way to School" but later changed to "Adı Sevgi", and managed to attract attention with its published promotions. The 1st episode trailer of the drama series Adı Sevgi, which will deal with child brides and violence against women, has been released. In the trailer; The effort of the teacher, Elif, who prevented her young daughter from marrying a man much older than her, drew attention.

adi sevgi episode 1
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On the other hand, the conflict between the character of Emir, played by Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, and the character of Elif, played by Gizem Güneş, increased the interest in the series many times. Emir said, "First find out who I am. Until then, don't come across me!'' words marked the trailer.

Cast of Adı Sevgi 

In the cast of the series, which is quite ambitious with its subject; There are names such as Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, Gizem Güneş, Fatih Al, Nihan Büyükağaç, Asena Keskinci, Hande Kaptan, Lara Domaç, Sıla Korkmaz, İlker Sami Kılıç, Ozan Güçlü, Cenk Hakan Köksal, Oktay Korunan, Ece Koroğlu and Serpil Gül.

Adı Sevgi, will be on ATV soon!

Adı Sevgi, one of the highly anticipated series of the last period, is starting its screen journey soon. In the series, which stands out as one of the ambitious productions of ATV, the relationship of a teacher with his students draws attention. The series will be aired on Sunday, March 13, 2022

A young teacher in town touches the lives of students and families alike. The sentences in the second promotional film of the series, which is already the center of attention with its original story, were highly appreciated. These sentences from the mouth of a young and idealistic teacher to the veteran teacher who raised him touched the audience. Here are those words in the 2nd Promotion of Her Name is Sevgi...

Adı Sevgi Episode 1 Trailer

Dear teacher,

I have arrived at my new post. You told me dreams are made to come true.

I came here to fulfill the dreams of the children here.

I want to show them what they can achieve with love.

How they can build a happy future, how they can reach their hopeful goals...

I hope I can do this like you.

I am sure there will be others who will walk this path with me.

Along with the remarkable words in the promotion, young students who will take part in the series also took part.

Adı Sevgi Episode 1 Summary

Elif teacher comes to Sarpça with idealistic thoughts. Zeynep, who is a very successful girl at school; She escaped from her henna and came to her favorite place to school. While taking Zeynep from the edge of despair, Elif learns that Zeynep was forced to marry Volkan, the only son of the Baykara family, the strongest and wealthiest family in the region. Volkan is attached to her with an obsessive love. Elif immediately takes Zeynep under her protection and takes action to save her from this situation and return her to school. However, both Volkan and Baykara family make incredibly big and dangerous moves to make this marriage happen.

In her first lesson at school, Elif senses that almost all of her students need her support, either covertly or openly. Meanwhile, as a result of a misunderstanding, he also meets Emir, who bears the surname Baykara. This meeting, which sparks from the very first moment, prompts Elif to save Zeynep with Emir. However, events throw them to different places in an unexpected way…

Adı Sevgi is on ATV with its first episode on Sunday, March 13 at 8 P.M!, tell the story of Elif teacher who comes to Sarpça with idealistic thoughts. Read Also All Episode of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love)

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