Episode 11 Mahkum (The Prisoner): Trailer And Summary

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In the end episode; Continuing her support to Fırat secretly, Cemre learns a big secret about Tahir. The new 11st episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner) has been released! Watch the alternative 11th episode trailer of Mahkum here....

The new 11st episode trailer has been published on our website quickly. The new episode series, which was watched with great admiration on FOX TV screens, will be with you on Thursday, February 24, at 8 P.M. Will Mahkum (The Prisoner), starring our country's favorite actors such as Onur Tuna and Alara Bozbey, be released this week?

Mahkum (The Prisoner) series will meet with its audience on Thursday, February 24th with its 11th episode. For our viewers who are wondering what will happen in Mahkum 10th episode before the Episode 11 is released, we share the summary of Mahkum 24 February with you. 

In the end episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner); Ali gets rid of Sasha with Nazli, but Fırat also loses track of Ali. Ali takes a taxi with Nazlı and runs away. Fırat has no choice but to wait for Ali to contact Cemre. Fırat thinks that in order for Ali to call Cemre, Ali needs to find out that he escaped from prison, and he makes another move that will put him in trouble. He calls the police and says that I, Prosecutor Fırat Bulut, escaped from prison with a friend. When the press hears this, the news starts to circulate everywhere. 

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Tahir learns that Fırat has escaped from prison. He returns from the airport on his way to America to become a full United Nations attorney general. Barış Yesari is already at the courthouse due to the corruption investigation he has started. Barış Yesari, meeting with Prosecutor Tahir, says to Prosecutor Tahir, you find the knife that Fırat Bulut hides with my blood on it, and I will find Nazli. In this case, Fırat Bulut will lose and he will not be able to claim anything even if the case is reopened. Tahir, on the other hand, thinks that he can cover up his mistake in the investigation and accepts this agreement in order not to pollute his immaculate career.

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What happen in the end episode?

Baris is set to go on a new road after being forced to make a decision in the face of Rafi's big challenge. While attempting to shed light on Savaş's tragic history, he continues to strive to protect his family. It's time for him to atone for the sins he didn't commit. Time begins to run against Barş.

Cemre learns a huge secret about Tahir while secretly supporting Frat. Would she be able to explain the secret that will cause Firat so much pain? Frat, who is enveloped in flames, is looking for the name of the person who plotted this plot against him and his pals. While attempting to flee the bowels of hell, he uses his cleverness to convert this into an opportunity. He has discovered a vital trump card in the grand escape scheme. He will either escape or perish in this prison. Firat has moved one step closer to the grand finale. Will he be able to break free from these four walls?

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 11 Trailer 

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 11 Summary

Reaching information about Savaş's dark past, Barış learns that he is preparing to sacrifice Büge. He is ready to do business after he answers the phone from Rafi. However, Rafi will have one last and great request. Among them is a mole who has leaked their business history to safety. He asks Barış to find it and deliver it. Barış, who is in search of the mole, is faced with a name he never expected.

Firat, who comes to the last stage of the escape plan with his calculations, chooses the movie night where the inspectors come for the action. While everything is going well, the preparations for the rebellion, which they hear from the neighboring wards, are about to turn all their plans upside down. Fırat, who is dealing with the other prisoners on the one hand and the escape action on the other, has only one chance left. Will he be able to make the big escape?

The new 11st episode of Fox TV's new series Mahkum (The Prisoner) will broadcast on Thursday, February 24, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner)

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