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Episode 16 Aziz (The Saint): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Now Aziz realizes that his father's murderer is Pierre, Will he decides to exact his revenge? The new 16th episode trailer of Aziz (The Saint) has been released!  What happen in the episode on March 4th? Watch the alternative 16th episode trailer here.....

The Aziz series, in which important names play the leading roles, is eagerly awaited. When is the new episode of the Aziz series, which has a different scenario? Is Aziz 16th trailer released? Aziz watch the new episode trailer! Aziz watch the 16th episode trailer!

Aziz's new trailer for the popular TV series has been released! The 16th episode trailer of the highly anticipated Aziz series is curious. So what is the subject of Aziz? How to watch Aziz 16 episode trailer! Who are the beloved players? All the details are here…

aziz episode 16
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Aziz 15th Episode Trailer is on the air. Aziz, who learned from Galip that his father Pierre killed him, takes action for revenge, while Hatice Ana's words "I couldn't stop him..." increase the tension. In the publicity where Aziz and Pierre faced each other, Francis' shocked expression on Aziz's words of revenge brought to mind "Did Aziz kill Pierre?" brings the question.

What happen in the end episode?

"This city will be a Turkish homeland again!" says Aziz. In the promotion, when his statements are repeated, Pierre's assertion that he is the true owner of the city heightens the tension. As the battle between the French and the Turks in the city intensifies, Aziz's attacks on Pierre from behind garner notice. Hearing that Dilruba still has feelings for Aziz makes Efnan nervous, and Dilruba kissing Adem causes a question mark in his mind. What Aziz does after realizing that Pierre wants Efnan is eagerly anticipated.

When Aziz realizes that his father's murderer is Pierre, he decides to exact his revenge. Efnan is concerned that Aziz will cause Pierre harm and get him in hot water. Knowing that Aziz is the reason Dilruba married Adem makes Efnan nervous, but living under the same roof with Dilruba will be even more difficult.

Adem is astounded by a secret he discovered about Aziz and Dilruba. While all of this is going on, Pierre's pressure on Efnan with the crime of murder will set Aziz on an irreversible path, and all of the city's balances will be thrown off.

Aziz (The Saint) Episode 16 Trailer 

Aziz (The Saint) Episode 16 Summary 

As they move at full speed to destroy St. Pierre, the French increase their pressure on the city. Aziz, who does not give in to these pressures, gets into a very dangerous game. While Adem is having a hard time digesting Dilruba and Aziz's past, a stranger comes to town.

Winds of change begin to blow in Adem, whose path crosses with this stranger. Meanwhile, Andre's murder drives Efnan into a corner. Fearing what Aziz will do to save her, Efnan has made a difficult decision. Efnan will now release Aziz from the captivity of her own destiny...

The new 16th episode of Aziz (The Saint) series was broadcast on Show TV on Friday, March 4, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Aziz (The Saint)

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