Episode 17 of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny): Trailer And Summary

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In the end episode; Çetin realizes that he underestimates his opponents while showing his side in the conflict between Kartal and Efe. The new 17th episode trailer of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) has been released! Watch the alternative 17th episode trailer here .....

The trailer for the 17th episode of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) series has been released. What will happen in the new episode to be published this week? Üç Kuruş is on Show TV on Monday, March 7, 2022...

The chase game between Kartal, the mafia leader, who is the protector of Çıngıraklı, a colorful Roman neighborhood with its unique characters and harsh rules, and Efe, the reckless and unruly commissioner of the organized bureau, turns upside down with a murder case. The paths they take to catch the murderer will lead them to a name they will never guess.

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Üç Kuruş 16. Episode part 2 trailer is on the air. In the trailer where Efe went to the place where Leyla worked, the developments in the relationship of the two, who separated but could not give up on each other, are a matter of curiosity. While Leyla's demanding an account from Bahar draws attention, the moving moments when Kartal, Şesu and Ruşen attack raise the excitement. While Efe and Çetin were trying to escape from the armed men after them, Efe said: "Tomorrow is the last day of Kartal Bey's freedom... The bird is in the cage now!" . Will Efe be able to arrest Kartal this time? It's begs the question.

What happen in the end episode?

Neriman's decision as a result of confronting Baybars causes Baybars to take action that includes Irfan. Kartal, sharpened by Bahar's last move, devises a cunning plot against Korkmaz. But he is unaware that Efe has created a large trap for him behind this plan.

Cetin understands he is underestimating his opponents while taking Kartal and Efe's side in the conflict. Kartal, who no longer trusts anyone, manages to defend himself against Cetin, but he is in for a severe surprise.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 17 Trailer 

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 17 Summary

While Kartal kicks Neriman out of the house after seeing the photo with Baybars, the action-packed moments where Şahin fights increase the tension. While waiting eagerly for Leyla to meet Semiha, Baybars said to Şahin, "I'm not suggesting that you race him with him, I'm proposing to remove him from the game!" His words come to mind, "Will Şahin sell Kartal?" marks the question. While the conflict between Kartal and Bahar is getting tougher, Kartal continues his moves without slowing down. It is noteworthy that Bahar gets worse while looking at the divorce paper in her hand.

Leyla asks Efe, "Do you equate Kartal and Baybars?" While the gun is drawn on Kartal in his own neighborhood, the tension between him and Korkmaz is increasing. The expected encounter of Neriman and Çetin takes place in this episode. While the mystery man in the black hat wandering in Çıngıraklı is a matter of curiosity, Baybars says he will sacrifice someone. The exciting promotion, in which Kartal was arrested and Efe was in great shock, brought to mind "What will happen to the couple?" brings the question.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 17 released on Monday, March 7th at 8 P.M. on Show Tv channel... Read Also All Episode of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny)

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