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Episode 22 Yargı (The Judgment): Trailer And Summary

The new 22nd episode trailer of Yargı (The Judgment) has been released! In the end episode; Ceylin and Ilgaz are on the trail! What happen in the episode on february 27th?

The 22nd episode trailer of Kanal D's TV series Judgment, which broke the rating records, has been released. In the new section; Laçin tells Ceylin that her husband Yekta has no diploma. So what will Ceylin do with this information? With Ali Bilgin in the director's chair and the screenplay written by Sema Ergenekon, Kanal D's phenomenon series, Yargı (The Judgment), continues to erase the ratings on Sunday evenings.

Ay Yapım's series Yargı (The Judgment), which is an action and drama that brings together many successful names such as Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Pınar Deniz and Hüseyin Avni Danyal, also leaves its mark on social media with its exciting episodes.

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Laçin revealed Yekta's big secret, Ceylin and Ilgaz were shocked! In the end episode; After Niyazi's suicide, Metin gets very angry with Ilgaz and Ceylin. He says it is an unacceptable mistake for them to follow the criminal themselves instead of the police. Father and son come face to face.

Yekta, on the other hand, hardened her attitude towards Ceylin. He does his best to get Ceylin accused. Things get complicated when Seda tells Laçin that Yekta knows everything.

Laçin, who is very upset that Murat took the blame for himself, takes his breath with Ceylin. He informs that Yekta does not have a lawyer diploma. It gets mixed up well. So what will Ceylin do with this information? Here is Yargı (The Judgment) 22nd episode trailer and episode summary...

What Happen in the end Episode?

Niyazi's death creates a shock effect for Ilgaz, who wanders around his borders in order to acquit Ceylin. Both Ilgaz and Ceylin were caught in the middle of a big case both legally and in terms of conscience. Yekta, who knows her battle axes well, realizes that Ilgaz and Ceylin's defenses have weakened after Niyazi, who ended his life as it turned out. Now it is his turn to gather information and reinforce it with evidence in order to be more committed to his cause. However, they do not yet know that an unexpected move that will shock everyone will come from their side. 

A difficult preparation process awaits Ilgaz, who puts forth all his might to win the case. On the one hand, he has to stay within the legal rules while trying to restrain Ceylin, who is on his own, after the clues to defeat Yekta. However, at the end of this road, both of them will be faced with new information they did not expect and come to the brink of a difficult decision.

Yargı (The Judgment) Episode 22 Trailer 

Yargı (The Judgment) Episode 22 Summary

Ilgaz and Ceylin, on the one hand, continue Ceylin's journey of being acquitted, on the other hand, they are faced with Yekta, who reveals the battle axes. Every step of the way, they have a ruthless enemy who was there before them... Pars gets into a corner when Ilgaz and Ceylin, whom he believed and helped so far, spread to his relatives within the scope of the expanding case. At this point, Pars will be shaken by the new evidence and confession, and will have difficulty balancing his own scales of justice.

Young people, who find themselves in a network that they have never met, are faced with tougher and more difficult times as they try to climb out of it. It seems that their struggles in this well on their own will not be enough this time. The big trial day awaits Ilgaz and Ceylin, who are strong and invincible when they are together in search of justice. As the ranks of the trial become clear, the new evidence that will emerge will shock both sides, and the decision to be made after the court will be a turning point for the relationship between the two.

In the 22nd episode of Yargı (The Judgment) series Released on Sunday, february 27th at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yargı (The Judgment)

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