Episode 3 Baba (The Father): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer of Baba (The Father) has been released! In the end episode; Kadir, staying in Ödemiş, confronts Emin once again, and Kadir finds himself far from his family. What happen in the episode on March 1st?

"Why Mehmet Ali hasn't told anyone about Saruhanlı all these years..." A new introduction to the second episode of the new series 'Baba' signed by Ay Yapım, which was broadcast on Show TV last week and received great acclaim, was released. The uneasiness on the faces does not go unnoticed in the promotion where the Saruhanlı family settled in the mansion.

While İlhan's angry words signal the conflicts between him and Emin, it is remarkable that Kadir met with the woman he loves, Sevil. The questions of Kadir, who is curious about his father's past, arouse curiosity in the audience.

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What happen in the end episode?

The Saruhanl family's existence in Istanbul begins with surprises. Kadir, who is still in Demiş, faces Emin once more, and he finds himself separated from his family. Years later, he pays a visit to the woman he adores. But nothing is the same as it was when he left.

Family members attempting to adjust to their new surroundings face difficulties. While Emin is attempting to cope with these challenges in his own way, he is confronted by lhan Karaçam. This new life will bring with it new and difficult obligations. Emin must make a critical decision. Emin's decision will once again alter Kadir's life.

Baba (The Father) Episode 3 Trailer 

Baba (The Father) Episode 3 Summary

The notebooks of the past are opened again on Emin and Kadir's journey. While the Saruhanli family is trying to get used to their new life, Fazilet begins to establish her order in the mansion. İlhan takes action to get to know the members of the Saruhanlı family closely.

Kadir takes the first step into his life in Istanbul and finds himself in a crisis. Emin meets both the good and the bad side of Istanbul. Kadir, who learns about İlhan's disrespect to his father, can't see anything.

Baba (The Father) is on Show TV with its 3rd episode on Tuesday March 1st at 8 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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