Episode 1 Kara Tahta (The Black Board): Trailer And Summary

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When does Kara Tahta (The Black Board) series start? Who are players? What is the story? Which channel the series will aired? What Happen In The First Episode?

Kara Tahta (The Black Board) series is counting the days to start broadcasting. The trailer of the series, starring Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, came to the screen. Along with the interesting plot of the series, the cast was also appreciated. So who are the players of Kara Tahta?

Erkan Birgören is writing the script of Kara Tahta series, which will start broadcasting on TRT1 screens. The story of the teachers will be told in the series. Here, the detail of New Turkish Series Kara Tahta (The Black Board) ......

The first trailer of TRT 1's new series, Blackboard, starring Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, has been released. The trailer, which was released, excited more than its introduction. The new series, which was written by Erkan Birgören, with Ender Mıhlar sitting in the director's chair, excited him with its first presentation.

kara tahta episode 1
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The trailer of Kara Tahta (The Black Board) series, in which Miray Daner will appear with the character of Irmak and Furkan Andıç, with the character of Atlas, has increased the curiosity. The series is tell the story of Atlas, who was bullied during his high school years; He leaves his hometown with his mother. Years later, he is appointed as a mathematics teacher to his own school.

It was seen that Irmak was waiting for Atlas, but was eventually abandoned or even forgotten. Atlas returned to the place he had left. While Atlas' return was not well received, everyone asked him, "Why did you come?" asked the question. Here is Kara Tahta (The Black Board) 1st episode trailer and episode summary ...

Kara Tahta Episode 1 Trailer

Having been bullied in high school years, Atlas is assigned to his own school as a mathematics teacher years later. Is the return of Atlas, who had to face his old love Irmak, a coincidence or a coincidence?

Kara Tahta Episode 1 Summary
“For your love, for revenge… or to be a teacher? Why did you come back Atlas…”

Atlas returns as a teacher to the city where he was born, fell in love and was pushed to death. He is unaware of what will happen to him when the roots that bind him to the past weaken over time. The beauty of the city is shattered when he confronts Atlas, who he thinks left behind the beautiful Irmak years ago. Bekir, on the other hand, risks dying and being killed as Irmak's lover in the story of Atlas and Irmak. This world, in which Atlas, Irmak and Bekir come face to face, is the harbinger of a completely different life.”

The first episode trailer of Kara Tahta (The Black Board) series has been released. The series will be on TRT 1 on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Kara Tahta (The Black Board)

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