Episode 16 Mahkum (The Prisoner): Trailer And Summary

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In the end episode; Fırat and Barış, who disappeared while in the middle of the great duel, cause both sides to be in great anxiety. The new 16th episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner) has been released! Watch the alternative 16th episode trailer of Mahkum here....

The new episode trailer of FOX TV's successful series Mahkum (The Prisoner) has been released. Mahkum (The Prisoner) in the 16th episode trailer; The speech of Büge and Sasha draws attention. While searching for Barış, who has disappeared, Sasha finds his glasses that fell on the ground. At the same time, the Euphrates disappeared. Signor, on the other hand, is trying to squeeze Barış and Fırat; He decides to cooperate to get out of the dual situation.

Mahkum (The Prisoner) series, broadcast on FOX TV screens, continues to achieve great success in the ratings. Adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant, The series meets with the audience every Thursday evening at 8 P.M. Volkan Kocatürk sits in the director's chair of the series starring Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu and Melike İpek Yalova. 

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As Signor's movements increase, Barış continues to be uneasy. While the person who took the knife has not appeared, the end of the Euphrates is already ready in his mind. Zeynep's experiences will be nothing compared to what they did to Fırat. Fırat, on the other hand, decides to kidnap his daughter Nazlı at the end of all events. Here is 16th episode trailer and episode summary of Mahkum ...

What happen in the end episode?

Will Firat and Barış survive? Firat and Bariş, who vanished in the middle of the great duel, cause great concern on both sides. Despite searching around the corner, no trace of them can be found. Signor is enraged that his word has been violated, and he is determined to solve the problem from the ground up. Firat's pen has already been broken.

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 16 Trailer 

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 16 Summary

The king of the city, Signor, aimed to eliminate all his enemies with his bombing action. However, Firat, which he did not take into account, prevents a great massacre with the help of Barış. While Fırat thinks that he saved people from death, the execution of Sadullah and his brothers inside the mansion leaves everyone in shock.

Signor has prepared a big trap for Firat and Baris, which has become a major hindrance to their plans. In return for the lives of Nazlı and Can, he offers them to take the blame for the bombing and the cartel. Cornered by Signor, the duo must accept being sentenced for their children to live. Will Fırat and Barış be able to escape from the trap they have fallen into together?

The new 16th episode of Fox TV's new series Mahkum (The Prisoner) will broadcast on Thursday, April 8, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner)

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