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Episode 2 Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode trailer of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love) has been released! In the end episode; Elif learns that Zeynep was forced to marry Volkan, the only son of the Baykara family, the strongest and wealthiest family in the region. What happen in the episode on March 20th? 

The 1st episode of Adı Sevgi, which will start its screen journey on ATV at 20:00 on Sunday, March 13, has been released. The new promotion of the series, which will be screened with the slogan "You'll Never Walk Alone", also attracted great attention from the audience. The sacrifices made by the character of Elif for her students were marked in the 1st episode trailer of Adı Sevgi, which Yunus Emre Yıldırımer shared with Gizem Güneş.

“Adı Sevgi” tells the relentless struggle of a young teacher who is in love with her profession, chasing her dreams and hopes, with determination, love and sacrifice, and the change she has created in students, families and the whole town. Emphasizing social problems, examples of which we frequently encounter in real life, Adı Sevgi will be appreciated with its impressive story and will soon become a favorite of the audience.

Fatih Al, Nihan Büyükağaç, Mehtap Bayri, Okday Korunan, Hande Kaptan, Asya Butcher, Mert Doğan, Serpil Gül, İlker Sami Kılıç, Asena Keskinci, Esat in the cast of "Adı Sevgi", the lead role of which Yunus Emre Yıldırımer shared with Gizem Güneş. Polat Güler, Kürşat Demir, Ece Koroğlu, Cenk Hakan Köksal, Lara Domaç, Sıla Korkmaz, Arzu Güler, Bora Kırkım, Ozan Güçlü and Berfu Öngören. It has also been revealed how the first episode of the series will begin.

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What happen in the end episode?

Zeynep, a very successful girl in school, escaped from her henna and went to her favorite school. Elif discovers, while rescuing Zeynep from the brink of despair, that Zeynep was forced to marry Volkan, the only son of the Baykara family, the region's strongest and wealthiest family. Volkan has an obsessive attachment to her. Elif immediately takes Zeynep under her protection and takes action to get her out of this situation and back to school. However, both the Volkan and Baykara families make extremely risky moves to make this marriage a reality.

Elif notices in her first lesson at school that almost all of her students require her assistance, either covertly or openly. Meanwhile, due to a misunderstanding, he meets Emir, who goes by the surname Baykara. This encounter, which sparks from the start, prompts Elif to save Zeynep with Emir. However, events unexpectedly transport them to different locations...

Adı Sevgi Episode 2 Traier

Adı Sevgi Episode 2 Summary

Zeynep's scream descended on the wedding like a nightmare. Elif wants to reach Zeynep as soon as possible and end this forced marriage. However, Zeynep; He has a great hesitation between getting rid of Volkan and protecting his brother Mehmet, who stabbed Volkan, from Baykaras. For Emir, this house, which he returned to years later, causes old memories to come to life.

While everyone is trying to understand the reason behind Zeynep's strange behavior, Mehmet's absence draws great suspicion. The key to everything is in what happened in that room on the wedding night and in Mehmet. Despite all the conflict between them, Elif and Emir embark on a quest to keep Zeynep and her family away from Baykaras. Ekrem Baykara, who sees that Emir and Elif still do not give up on this business even after the wedding, makes a move that will endanger Elif's profession.

Even though Elif is trying her best to maintain Zeynep's hope with Emir's support, will she be the one who gets hurt? Adı Sevgi is on ATV with its 2nd episode on Sunday, March 20 at 8 P.M!, tell the story of Elif teacher who comes to Sarpça with idealistic thoughts. Read Also All Episode of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love)

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