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Episode 5 Baba (The Father): Trailer And Summary

The new 5th episode trailer of Baba (The Father) has been released! In the end episode; While Emin tries to hide what happened to him from everyone, Kadir's return home brings new disagreements in the family. What happen in the episode on March 15th?

The highly anticipated 4th new episode trailer of the Baba series met with the audience. Baba Episode 5, who managed to attract attention with each new episode, saw action-dose scenes in the 2nde trailer of the episode and received full marks from the audience. Baba new 5th episode trailer, which includes different stories with its colorful characters, will be talked about a lot.

The 4th episode of the Baba series met with the audience. Audiences who missed the TV show of Baba series are on search engines, when is the 4th new episode of Baba?  Who are the actors of the series "Baba (The Father)"? It began to seek answers to questions such as: Here are the details...

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The Saruhanlı family is a traditional, crowded family that leads a modest life together in a family apartment in Ödemiş… The head of the family, Emin Saruhanlı; A devoted, devoted father who is firmly attached to family values and an authoritarian father... Emin's youngest son Kadir Saruhanlı's return home for a holiday visit causes old notebooks to be opened between father and son. A plane crash completely changes the fate of the Saruhanlı family. As the new life of the Saruhanlı family, full of difficulties, begins, Emin is faced with the greatest test of his life to protect his family.

What happen in the end episode?

A taxi driver rushed to the aid of Emin Saruhanlı, who was injured after the attack of the youth. Kadir, who stepped into the mansion for the first time, learned that his father Emin had not yet returned home while hugging his mother. With the help of Ceyhun, the duo set off to the address where his father went, and reached Emin. Kadir was confused when he learned that he could not give Emin's name and phone number upon the words of the taxi driver. Kadir, who said that he would hide the incident at Emin's request, went crazy when he saw Ahmet in front of him as he entered the mansion. Kadir, who battered Ahmet, did not want to take a step back despite Emin's intervention, but had to keep quiet because he could not resist Büşra.

However, Kadir had no intention of capturing his brother any longer. Continuing to research the Saruhan people, İlhan was developing intimacy with Servet. While İlhan's plan was working smoothly, Servet was unaware of what would happen to him. Trying to establish the new order, Emin did not want Yaşar and Servet to go to the company with the arrival of Kadir. While giving information to his brothers about the debt to İlhan Karaçam, Kadir also asked for help to deal with it. Ceyhun showed Emin the footage of Kübra speaking to the journalists. After this statement made without his permission, Emin was furious and reminded himself again, and stated very sternly that the rules in Ödemiş will continue as they are.

Kadir, who could not stand it any longer, seized the situation and took the children to the company. Expressing that he needed the children by making them see the holding he inherited, Kadir won their hearts with his words, but they were unaware of the bad surprise waiting for them when they returned home. Handing the phone in his hand to Kadir, Emin showed Kadircan's inappropriate photo to the press. İlhan scored his second goal after Servet with this move. Upon the request of his father Ferit, who learned everything, İlhan asked Kadir for the installment one year later, with the words "There is a cardigan that lasts for three days". Büşra, who could not understand her request for the installment, which did not come due, was secretly meeting with İlhan, while the interaction between the two also caught the attention of the audience.

Another name who wanted to meet with İlhan for debts was Servet. However, Servet was shocked when she saw the photos of İlhan with the woman she was with at the party. Trying to silence the reminiscence she sees all the time in her mind, Emin let her name out of his mouth next to Fazilet. Fazilet, who heard the name of a woman she had never heard from her husband, was shattered. Kadir, who gathered his brothers together, expressed very clearly that he would deal with İlhan, and wanted to know if he had any shortcomings. However, neither Büşra talked about the gift she received while meeting with İlhan, nor Servet mentioned the photographs that İlhan had in his hand. Yaşar, on the other hand, was unaware that the moments when he innocently helped Uğur were being watched secretly.

Baba (The Father) Episode 5 Trailer 

Baba (The Father) Episode 5 Summary

The tension between the two rises again in the new episode, where Emin reacts to İlhan for demanding his debt early. Emin, who cannot remain indifferent to İlhan's insults to his children, defends his children. While Sevil and Kadir are reuniting, Servet tells Ilhan about Kadir's relationship, which is confusing. While Emin tells Sevil to stay away from Kadir, voices rise in Saruhanlı mansion. Kadir said, "We don't need your protection!" While he resists his father, it is a matter of curiosity what Emin will do in the face of Kadir's harsh exit.

While looking for a way to pay off his debts to İlhan, Kadir learns a secret about Emin. This time, Kadir is the target of İlhan, who has cornered the Saruhanlı family. Büşra encounters a big surprise while trying to escape from İlhan. When Kadircan and Zeynep step out of the house, they find themselves in great trouble. When Servet is tested with both Kadir and Kübra, he has to make a difficult choice. Kadir and Emin come face to face once again and all hell breaks loose at home. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Baba (The Father) is on Show TV with its 5th episode on Tuesday March 15th at 8 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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