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Episode 6 Baba (The Father): Trailer And Summary

The new 6th episode trailer of Baba (The Father) has been released! In the end episode; While Sevil and Kadir are reuniting, Servet tells Ilhan about Kadir's relationship, which is confusing. What happen in the episode on March 22nd?

The new episode trailer of the Baba series, which appears before the audience on Show TV with exciting new episodes every Tuesday evening, has been released. In the promotion of the new episode of "Baba" signed by Ay Yapım, Kadir asked Emin, "Who is the father for the picture?" The question happened.

Fazilet, who heard the name of Baba from Emin to Resimiye, shared her sadness with Kadir, and Kadir talks to his father and asks who Resimiye is. This situation increases the tension between father and son again. It is noteworthy that while Kadir and İlhan are facing each other once again, İlhan says to Servet "I don't like your brother at all". Seeing that Ahmet is not staying in the same room with Büşra, Emin intervenes and brings the two of them to the same room, while Kadir tries to protect Büşra. But Emin clearly underlines that he will not allow Büşra and Ahmet to divorce. It is a matter of curiosity how Kadir, who does not want Büşra to be unhappy, will solve this situation.

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Gökhan Horzum and Ekin Atalar are writing the story of 'Baba', the screenplay is by Ekin Atalar, and the director is Çağrı Bayrak. Here are 6th episode trailer and episode summary of Baba (The Father) ....

What happen in the end episode?

The tension between the two rises once more in the new episode, when Emin reacts to lhan's early demand for his debt. Emin, unable to remain silent in the face of lhan's insults to his children, defends them. While Sevil and Kadir are reuniting, Servet informs Ilhan of Kadir's relationship, which is perplexing.

Kadir discovers a secret about Emin while looking for a way to pay off his debts to lhan. This time, lhan has cornered the Saruhanl family and has set his sights on Kadir. While attempting to flee from lhan, Büşra encounters a major setback. When Kadircan and Zeynep leave the house, they are in serious trouble. When Servet is put to the test with both Kadir and Kübra, he is forced to make a difficult decision. When Kadir and Emin cross paths again, all hell breaks loose at home. Nothing is ever going to be the same again.

Baba (The Father) Episode 6 Trailer 

Baba (The Father) Episode 6 Summary

With Kadir leaving the house, the balances change in the mansion and the holding. Having difficulty in managing the affairs, Emin gets cornered. Servet makes an unexpected move to get rid of his doubts. Kadir, who sacrificed himself for his family, gets very important information about İlhan. Tested once again with his illness, Emin has to face some facts, and this situation is reflected in the house. When Ahmet's actions on Büşra trigger Fazilet and Emin, Büşra's move stuns everyone. Learning about İlhan's plans on his family, Kadir decides to play the game by İlhan's rules and the tension between the two rises.

Baba (The Father) is on Show TV with its 6th episode on Tuesday March 22th at 8 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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