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İclal Aydın Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

Who is İclal Aydın? Where is she born? Who are the husbands of İclal Aydın, who got married 4 times? Which drama series has Iclal Aydin acted in?

Actress and writer İclal Aydın draws attention with his TV series and her life. The spouses of İclal Aydın, who got married 4 times, are also names we know well. Iclal Aydın's books, her life and all the unknown details about her, which became the agenda after her book named Üç Kız Kardeş became a serial with the same title Üç Kız Kardeş, are in our news...

Who is İclal Aydın?

İclal Aydın was born on September 14, 1971 in Nevşehir. She is originally Kurdish. Her mother is Circassian. She spent her childhood in Ankara. The first years of her youth continued in Elazig. After her primary and secondary education, she graduated from Elazig Anatolian High School. At that time, when her parents parted ways, she moved to Ankara.

iclal aydin Biography
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She spent her secondary and high school years in Ankara by writing and doing theater works. In 1989, she won the Department of Theater at the Faculty of Language, History and Geography of Ankara University and started her university education, but left school in the second year and settled in Berlin. In order to continue her life in Germany, she both did theater and worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant. She did professional theater in Germany for six years. She participated in various social studies and workshops. She left the theater in 1996 and returned to Turkey from Berlin, and since 1997 he has started working as a producer, presenter and actor in television projects. Since 1990, he has also worked as a copywriter in the production of theater and television projects.

Career Journey of İclal Aydın

While still in middle school, she was very interested in theater. İclal Aydın, who was in the school's theater club, continued her life in Berlin for a while after university. Here he took professional acting lessons for many years and trained in numerous courses. On the other hand, she was in theaters.

She started her acting career about a year after returning to Turkey in 1996. She won her first experience in Turkey with her role in the song video of the song "I Can't Love You When I Die" She then acted in many TV series. She supported his debut with the Daytime Series, Hot Hours, with the programs he later presented. For many years, she presented a radio program on different radio channels. She hosted the TV show 2 to 4 and the program named Re-with İclal Aydın.

Movies and TV series:

2022 Üç Kız Kardeş (Play as Nesrin) [TV Series]

2018 Ege'nin Hamsisi (Play as Melahat Cinar) [TV Series]

2014 - 2015 - O Hayat Benim (Play as Hasret) [TV Series]

2014 - Arkadaşım Hoşgeldin [Tv Program]

2012 - Gına [TV Series]

2012 - Göç Zamanı (Play as Zehra) [TV Series]

2012 - Aşkın Halleri (Play as Asiye) [TV Series]

2009 - Haneler [TV Series]

2009 - Güldünya (Play as Canan) [TV Series]

2006 - İki Aile (Play as Eda Aydeniz) [TV Series]

2005 - Organize İşler (Play as Hilal) [Cinema Film]

2004 - Avrupa Yakası [TV Series]

2003 - Vizontele Tuuba (Play as Reyhan ) [Cinema Film]

2001 - Dedem, Gofret ve Ben (Play as Ayfer) [TV Series]

2000 - Zor Hedef (Play as Bahar) [TV Series]

2000 - Yarın Geç Olmayacak [Movie TV]

2000 - Vizontele (Play as Reyhan) [Cinema Film]

1998 - Sıcak Saatler (Play as Melek) [TV Series]

1995 - Mirasyediler (Play as Ayla) [TV Series]

1995 - Bir Demet Tiyatro [TV Series]

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