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Konteynır (The Container) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Konteynır (The Container)? In the full title is "Konteynır Brothers Hurdalık". Who are the casts? When and which channel the series aired?

Konteynır (The Container) series will air its first episode on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The series stars will be Serhat Osman Karagöz and Mertkan Erkan. The series will be a comedy series and will appear on Kanal D's own website and Youtube channel.

The digital series Konteynır (The Container), produced by Tube Television and directed by Cem Tabak, was shot in a total of 26 episodes. Many famous guest actors will also show their acting skills in the series, which will tell the fun adventures of two brothers, Mert and Serhat, who are determined to be famous on social media.


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Famous names such as Öykü Gürman, Ulaş İnan Torun, Bahar Süer, Ceyda Olguner and Sevcan Yaşar will also be guest actors in Konteynır (The Container) TV series.


Synopsis of Konteynır (The Container) 

In the series, two brothers Mert and Serhat, who live in a container in the car scrapyard, want to be famous on Youtube and reach famous names and shoot Youtube videos with them.


Cast of Konteynır (The Container)

Serhat Osman Karagöz as Uncle Serhat

Serhat Osman Karagöz, the wife of the social media phenomenon named Pucca, started acting with the TV series "So One Passing Time". Serhat Osman Karagöz, a graduate of the Istanbul Fine Arts Conservatory, has a son and separated from his wife Pucca in 2021. Serhat Osman Karagöz, who was born on December 4, 1988, will experience his first leading role with Konteynır (The Container) series. 

Mertkan Erkan as Mert

He is one of the social media phenomena that made his name known with Mert Hakan Vine, a graduate of Ankara University Theater Department. Mertkan Erkan, who gained followers especially on Youtube and Spotify with his beautiful voice, will also take part in a series for the first time with the Container Brothers Junk series. He is a very strong actor in comedy. 

Öykü Gürman

Ulaş İnan Torun

Bahar Süer

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