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Episode 21 Aziz (The Saint): Trailer And Summary

The new 21th episode trailer of Aziz (The Saint) has been released! Efnan, while trying to get rid of Pierre, will test the love of Aziz and her once again. What happen in the episode on April 8th? Watch the alternative 21th episode trailer here.....

Aziz, the TV series of Show TV, which was watched with great admiration, came to the screen with its 20th episode. In the new episode of the series; Piere releases Efnan. When Efnan returns home, he is very happy to see that Aziz has regained consciousness. But she can't tell him about that night. Aziz realizes that he has no rings. Efnan can't get her rings from Piere. Kenan and Galip become partners and buy a carpet weaving machine. Aziz's orders are being canceled one by one. Unbeknownst to Aziz, Adem takes the money from England and buys a machine. If it is Aziz, it does not accept the machine. Piere tells Aziz that he has Efnan's rings. 

Will Aziz be able to forgive Efnan? The 21st episode trailer of the Aziz series has not been released yet. Aziz comes to him and asks about Efnan. Everyone is wondering where Efnan is, who didn't come home all night. Efnan pulls a knife to Piere to get rid of him. While Piere is trying to take the knife from his hand, Efnan's hand is injured. So, Efnan drops the rings in his hand there. Coming home, Efnan is very happy when he sees Aziz come to his senses.

Piere feeds and heals her with his own hands. When she gets the chance, she goes to Piere and asks for her rings. Piere says he will give those rings to her whenever she wants it. Before going to the workshop, Aziz learns that Adem fired some of his workers from the workshop, while others bought their shares. Adem comes home again at dawn and argues with Dilruba. Hearing their voice, Aziz enters and sees Adam strangling Dilruba. He immediately kicks Adam out of his house and asks him not to come home until he comes to him. Aziz sees Adem's necklace of Dilruba on the woman's neck in the tavern.

aziz episode 21
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Onan takes that necklace. Hearing this, Adem asks Aziz to account for it. Dilruba learns that she is pregnant and wants to have that baby aborted. The midwife says that her body is weak and that her bleeding may not stop and she may die. Aziz sees Dilruba melting day by day. She talks to him and says that he is not alone. Efnan is uncomfortable with this situation. When Aziz comes home, he tells her that he heard them and asks Dilruba to leave the house. Aziz, on the other hand, does not want to leave Dilruba alone and helpless. Stuck between the two, Aziz goes and sleeps on the sofa that night.

Efnan sees Dilruba coming out of the midwife and immediately goes and tells Adem that Dilruba is pregnant. Adem asks Dilruba if that baby is his. Dilruba says that if the baby was from Aziz, she would not drink that poison. When Aziz goes to get the money from England, he learns that Adem took that money. Adem buys a carpet weaving machine. If Aziz, he doesn't want the machine. Piere tells Aziz that he has an appointment with Efnan and he has not come. When Aziz questions the situation, he shows the rings in his hand and says that Efnan will come to get his rings, but he has not come. Here are 21st episode trailer and episode summary of Aziz (The Saint) ....

What happen in the end episode?

While Aziz is dying, Efnan's mysterious absence leaves a question mark in mind. With the support of Kenan, Pierre and Galip, he resorts to a way to upset the trade balance in the city. Thus, as soon as Aziz opens his eyes, he enters into a tough struggle and starts a great war against the enemy front. Dilruba, who can't stand Adam's violence, takes a decision that will make everyone nervous. Efnan, while trying to get rid of Pierre, gave him a big trump card. This trump card will test the love of Aziz and Efnan once again.

Aziz (The Saint) Episode 21 Trailer 

Aziz asks Adam to account for the workers!

Aziz (The Saint) Episode 21 Summary 

Where Aziz and Efnan hug each other tightly, Aziz's words "I'm glad you didn't go" draw attention, while Efnan's tears touch the hearts of the audience. While it is a matter of curiosity how Efnan, threatened by Pierre, will get out of this deadlock, the news that Adem tried to kill Dilruba creates a shock effect. When the Payidar family learned that Dilruba was pregnant, they asked, "Did Dilruba lose her baby?" The answer is awaited. In the moments when Aziz and Pierre come face to face, breaths are held. While Pierre, who says that he is a man in love, provokes Aziz, what will happen between the two is already anticipated with great excitement.

The new 21st episode of Aziz (The Saint) series was broadcast on Show TV on Friday, April 8, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Aziz (The Saint)

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