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Episode 21 Destan (The Epic): Trailer And Summary

The new 21st episode trailer of Destan (The Epic) has been released! In the end episode; While everyone is trying to manipulate Alpagu Khan, Alpagu Khan makes his own big move. What happen in the episode on April 26th?

The 21st episode trailer of the saga is being investigated by those who watched the last episode of the series, which was broadcast on Tuesday, April 19th. After the breathtaking scenes in the last episode, serial fans are looking for an answer to the question of whether the 21st episode trailer of Destan has been released. What will happen next week with the new episode trailer of ATV Destan? Here are the details .....

The popular series of ATV screens, Destan, came to the screen with its 20th episode this week. Watching the last episode of the series, fans of the series examine the new episode trailer with the question of what will happen next week in the series, is the 21st episode trailer released. With the new episode trailer of ATV Destan, you can learn about the events waiting for Akkız and Batuga. What will happen in the Kingdom of Heaven? Here are 21st episode trailer and episode summary of Destan (The Epic)....

destan episode 21
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What happen in the end episode?

Akkız's move corners Ulu Ece. Alpagu Khan asks why the ring that Temur wore at his birth came off Vargı Beg. Has Ulu Ece come to the end of the road? Akkız, who made her move to Ulu Ece, followed Kaya with Temur and went to the Western Gök Khanate. Will Akkız and Temur be able to make Kaya confess everything?

Will Mejin get rid of all her opponents with one game? Mei Jin, who saved Batuga and closed it in a pit so that the blame of the mountain raid would not fall on them, on the orders of his emperor father, is sure when Kaya accuses them; Ulu Ece and Kaya made the mountain raid. He enters the second phase of his game and secretly informs Kaya where he is holding Batuga.

Immediately after, he sends Alpagu Khan there. According to the game he has set up, Kaya will kill Batuga, and Alpagu will see that one of his sons has killed his other son. Will Mei Jin's game be successful?

Destan (The Epic) Episode 21 Trailer

"If we fight China and become one, then the non-one dies!"

Destan (The Epic) Episode 21 Summary

Brotherhood of Ulu Ece and Alaca. The older sisters, separated from each other at a very young age, come together again to destroy Akkız. What will be the current plan of Ulu Ece, who put Alaca Hatun next to Akkız with a clever plan? Will Akkız learn that Alaca doesn't have a mother?

Will Cholpan and Balamir's move be able to overthrow Alpagu Khan? Alpagu Khan, who has decided to war, is shocked by the news from Kaya Yabgu, whom he has assigned to provide the food of the soldiers. What will be the move of Alpagu Khan, who learns that there is no grain and food left in the Sky Horde? What is the next goal of Çolpan and Balamir, whose plans are progressing as they wish?

What is Mei Jin's big trump card? Mei Jin, who made the mountain raid and left the swindler who tried to kill Batuga alive, wants to make the swindler confess everything and not only clean the slander against China, but also take Ulu Ece and Kaya to death. Will Mei Jin, who holds this big trump card in his hand, be successful? 

The sibling fight. Convinced that Tutkun was killed by Ulu Ece and Kaya, Temur defeats Kaya by ambushing him. Will Kaya, who is cornered, confess everything?

Destan (The Epic), which is eagerly awaited in many countries of the world, The new episode 21 will appear in front of the audience on the ATV screen on Tuesday evening, April 26th. Read Also All Episode of Destan (The Epic)

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