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Episode 3 Hakim (The Judge) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

The new 3rd episode trailer of Hakim (The Judge) has been released? What happen in the episode on April 18th? Ömer starts to get close to his close friend, Attorney Yasemin.....

ATV's new series Hakim 3 episode trailer has been released. In the new episode trailer published; Azem's message to Ömer Arif puts everything in a dead end. Azem is determined to corner Ömer Arif, and it becomes difficult to get out of the way. Deniz, on the other hand, catches Ozan at his brother's grave and demands an account. So what will Hakim (The Judge) do in the new episode? Here are the detail

ATV's new series Hakim 3 episode trailer has been released. Hakim, which has become a very interesting production on both television and social media since the first day it was broadcast, is adapted from the foreign TV series Your Honor. Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Ebru Özkan, Uğur Yücel and Yurdaer Okur are in the lead roles of the crime and action television series. So what will Hakim (The Judge) do in the new episode? 

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We brought you summary and trailer from Hakim (The Judge) series, which will appear on ATV screens in April. As it is known, Hakim series will be adapted from Your Honor, and we will share the 3rd episode summary of Hakim series and the 3rd episode trailer for you .....

Hakim (The Judge) Episode 3 Trailer

Hakim (The Judge) Episode 3 Summary

Ozan is offended by his father. Because Cuma, who went to jail instead of himself, died and his father Ömer could not protect the innocent child. Meanwhile, Ömer starts to get close to his close friend, Attorney Yasemin, because Ömer is sure that she will tamper with these matters and keeps the lawyer close to be aware of what he is planning.


In the evening, the lawyer and Ömer come home and are shocked to see Semra at home. Cevdet also comes to Ömer's house to meet. While they are having dinner together, the commissioner Ayşe comes home. When Ozan and Ömer's words about the vehicle are different, it attracts the attention of the lawyer and grandmother Semra.


Meanwhile, Azem and Zümrüt hold a religious ceremony for the 7th day of their son. In this ceremony, Azem and Zümrüt go to the balcony of their house and watch the explosion. Zümrüt not only killed Cuma, whom she thought had hit and run away with her son, but also put a bomb in her house and killed her mother and siblings. Only Cuma's younger brother Musti survives.


On the other hand, in this ceremony, there is a rapprochement between Ozan and Deniz. Will Deniz fall in love with the boy who killed his brother? The relationship between Deniz and Ozan progresses further. Deniz loves his brother Mert very much and finds Mert as his biggest supporter in these painful days.

A message comes to Ömer's phone; In the message, it is written that Azem knows that Ozan killed his son Mert. When blackmailer Ozan buys diesel, it is the taxi driver who saw the incident behind him. The taxi driver asks Ömer for 500,000 TL.

After the death of Musti family, she is placed next to Gülbahar so that she will not be alone. Gulbahar uses Musti to do drugs. Lawyer Yasemin goes to Musti, who is the only relative of the murdered Cuma. Because Musti is under the age of 18, he cannot sign for Cuma's re-autopsy. Yasemin starts looking for Cuma's father.

In the meantime, Gülbahar goes to Azem and tells him that Cevdet gave the order to stop him, that the real culprit is not Friday, but that Friday is just the boy who stole the car. Azem thinks that the real culprit is not Cuma, but the real owner of the vehicle, Hakim Ömer. After 112 audio recordings, Azem's men start to search the gas stations and find the gas station with the camera footage that Ömer deleted.


Ömer uses Ayşe to track down the taxi driver who saw his son at the gas station. Since he does not have the full plate, he examines all the options and finds the taxi driver who threatens him for his son. All the taxi driver wants is to buy a yacht. Ömer buys the man a yacht with a loan, but he will pay his debts as long as the event remains hidden. Meanwhile, Azem enters Ömer's house and finds his asthma medicine at home.

ATV's new Turkish Series of Hakim (The Judge) released on April 18, 2022 with the 3rd episode. Read Also All Episode of Hakim (The Judge)

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