Episode 10 Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love): Trailer And Summary

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The new 10th episode trailer of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love) has been released! In the end episode; While everyone thinks that Volkan has left Sarpça, Emir and Elif take the girls shopping to improve their morale. What happen in the episode on May 15th? 

ATV's new season series Adı Sevgi 9th episode trailer has been released. In the new episode trailer published; Elif hugs Emir tightly so she doesn't let him go. Emir's unresponsive face surprises everyone against Elif, who says she doesn't want to be without him. Volkan, on the other hand, has not been able to overcome the cost of a child's life during all his efforts for Zeynep to love him. So what will be in the new episode of Adi Sevgi? Here is the new 10th episode trailer of Adi Sevgi...

"An innocent boy died because of me!" The new episode trailer of Adı Sevgi, one of Koliba Film's new season series of ATV screens, has been released. Starring the actress Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, whom we watched with admiration in the EDHO TV series, and the young actress Gizem Güneş, Sadullah Celen sits in the director's chair of the series. The Name Love series, written by Filiz Alpgezmen and Murat Can Tura, continues to bring action and tension to the audience with every episode. So what will be in the new episode of Adi Sevgi? Here is Adi Sevgi 10th episode trailer and episode summary...

In the end episode; Volkan, who wants to get Zeynep back, is ready to do anything. Even if it is to set Sarpça on fire, he will do it. Even though Ekrem and Macide try to prevent the monster that comes out of their son, Esma and Gülendam have to experience moments of fear because of Volkan. Emir's accountability after what he heard will cost Volkan and his family dearly.

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Mehmet, who has disappeared, causes time to be limited for something. While Emir and Elif's aim is to find Mehmet and bring him home, Volkan makes a completely different plan, costing him a fatal mistake. While the pain they experience causes Esma and Doğukan to hug each other more, Zahit wants his grandson to stay away from this relationship. Zahit, who warns Doğukan in a harsh language, is unaware of the secret that has emerged. Here are 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Adi Sevgi (The Name of Love) ...

What happen in the end episode?

Elif and Emir experience great pain with the painting they meet by the river. Volkan, on the other hand, wants to leave Sarpça with Zeynep, thinking that with Mehmet's death, everyone will follow him. However, the news causes a change in their plans. When Ekrem goes to Azerbaijan to deal with the problem in the construction, Macide has a hard time suppressing the growing reaction of the people against Volkan after the incident. 

While everyone thinks that Volkan has left Sarpça, Emir and Elif take the girls shopping to improve their morale. Emir's gift to Elif reveals his feelings. On the other hand, Emir, who learns that Doğukan is actually the son of Ekrem and Belkıs, reconnects with his older sister Leyla. Esma has to deal with her family's prejudice against Doğukan.

Adı Sevgi Episode 10 Trailer

Adı Sevgi Episode 10 Summary

Emir and Elif go after them to prevent Volkan from escaping with Zeynep. However, this time, Volkan's target is Emir. Volkan, who shot Emir, is caught trying to escape abroad as soon as possible. Emir's life struggle affects Elif deeply. Neither of them can hide their feelings. On the other hand, Zeynep's last bond with Volkan is about to break with the divorce case. While Emir uses his trump card for Volkan's uncontested divorce, Volkan engages in a nerve-wracking game that makes him think he regrets what he has done.

Meanwhile, although Leyla wants to hide the truth about Doğukan, things get out of control when Şükran and Ferdi learn this secret. Macide will prove how dangerous she is when she learns that Ekrem has another son. Gülendam, on the other hand, gets the money she needs to leave Sarpça with Volkan's offer.

Adı Sevgi is on ATV with its 10th episode on Sunday, May 15th at 8 P.M!, tell the story of Elif teacher who comes to Sarpça with idealistic thoughts. Read Also All Episode of Adı Sevgi (The Name of Love)

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