Episode 23 Destan (The Epic): Trailer And Summary

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The new 23rd episode trailer of Destan (The Epic) has been released! In the end episode; Will Alpagu Khan be able to protect the Gök Khanate from Itbarak, led by the ruthless Obar? What happen in the episode on May 17th?

The new episode trailer surprised everyone! Both separation and transfer in the ambitious series of ATV. There will be surprising episode in the 23rd episode trailer of Destan, which was written by Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz and Nehir Erdem, and was shot in the Beykoz district of Istanbul.

The 23rd episode trailer of Destan, whose production and project design was undertaken by Mehmet Bozdağ, welcomes the audience every Tuesday evening with scenes full of excitement, action and tension, has been released. Striking developments will occur in the new episode trailer of Destan, which has been broadcasting since 23 November 2021 and where surprises are not missing for a moment.

With Metin Günay and Fethi Bayram sitting in the director's chair and continuing its broadcast adventure with the signature of Bozdağ Film without slowing down, Destan's new episode trailer will feature scenes where the excitement never ceases.

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It has been learned that the talented actor Edip Tepeli, who has assumed the character of Batuga Tegin/Han since the first episode of the Destan series, which is followed breathlessly by the audience every week it was broadcast, will leave. At the same time, Engin Benli, Özgür Koç and Umut Temizaş were transferred to the Destan project, which is gradually approaching the season finale and will take a short break from the screen adventure after a few days.

What happen in the end episode?

The Gök Khanate, shaken by palace intrigues, is unaware of the great danger that is coming. The Itbaraks, whose lineage was exterminated by Oghuz Khan in ancient times, resurfaced to avenge the Turks. Will Alpagu Khan be able to protect the Gök Khanate from Itbarak, led by the ruthless Obar?

The Itbaraks, who are mentioned as "the only tribe that defeated the Turks" in the Oguz Kagan Epic, returned after centuries. The Itbaraks, led by the ruthless Obar, are a terrible nation stuck in the depths of the past. The only desire of this monstrous nation, which has no sense of pity, is to wipe the Turks off the face of the earth. They will resort to all kinds of cruelty to recapture the lands of the Sky Horde that their ancestors lost centuries ago. 

Faced with a new and formidable enemy, Alpagu Khan gave Akkız the task of securing the city of the Gök Orda and the palace until he returned himself. What are the dangers waiting for Akkız in this great task?

Destan (The Epic) Episode 23 Trailer 

"We are a generation that melts the iron mountain and is reborn when it is said to be dead!”

Destan (The Epic) Episode 23 Summary

Will the winner be Batuga or Obar? Batuga, who showed the greatness of the Turk even while in captivity, made an unexpected move to kill Obar. Will Batuga or Obar be the winner as a result of this move?

The new target of the Itbaraks. The Itbaraks, who resurfaced for centuries of revenge, attacked and decimated the Gök Khanate to avenge their ancestors. What will be the next target of the Itbaraks, who blend their savagery with the love of revenge?

A love in the grip of death. A much greater danger awaits Akkız, who ran from danger to danger to save Batuga. What kind of result awaits Akkız and Batuga, who will be stuck in the deadlock of love and death this time. Will love or death win?

War of the khans. Obar, who attacked the Gök Khanate to avenge his ancestors; He had captured Alpagu Khan. Hundreds of years after Oguz Khan and Barak Khan met on the battlefield, under what conditions will Alpagu and Obar meet this time? Will history repeat itself or will the outcome be different this time?

Kaya's throne struggle. Taking advantage of the attack of the Itbaraks, Kaya, as if saving his life was not enough, both took the throne and plotted to prevent Alpagu Khan from returning to the palace. Will these moves made by Kaya be successful? Will Kaya, who has made a deal with the enemies, be able to convince his own nation?

Ulu Ece's revenge moves. Ulu Ece, who lost her crown due to the betrayal of Kaya and Yibek, will not accept her situation and will start revenge moves. Who will get their share of Ulu Ece's wrath?

Destan (The Epic), which is eagerly awaited in many countries of the world, The new episode 23 will appear in front of the audience on the ATV screen on Tuesday evening, May 17th. Read Also All Episode of Destan (The Epic)

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