Episode 27 of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny): Trailer And Summary

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The new 27th episode trailer of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) has been released! Watch the alternative 27th episode trailer here .....

The new episode introduction of Show TV's TV series "Üç Kuruş", signed by Ay Yapım, has been released. Unable to come to his senses after Bahar's shooting, Kartal quickly takes action for revenge, while tensions rise between Kılıç and Baybars.

"Baybars shoots Kartal" In the promotion where breathtaking moments were experienced, Baybars' shooting of Kartal shocks the audience. While Efe and Çetin are experiencing great destruction at the head of Kartal, whom they found unconscious on the ground, "What happened to Kartal?" The answer to the question is eagerly awaited.

The second promotion from the new episode of Show TV's series 'Üç Kuruş', signed by Ay Yapım, met with the audience. In the promotion where Kartal takes action for revenge, breaths are held for what will happen after Baybars shoots Bahar. Here, watch the new episode trailer of Üç Kuruş...

uc kurus episode 27
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While Efe and Çetin, who get in the way of Baybars and Kılıç, engage in an exciting conflict, it is noteworthy that Kılıç is sitting under an eagle symbol drawn on the ceiling. With a gun to his head, Baybars said, "You won't be able to take me!" while resisting, "Will Kartal take his revenge on Baybars?" The answer to the question is intriguing.

What happen in the end episode?

Kartal does not accept that he has lost his favorite woman in life, Bahar. While trying to suppress his pain, his old friend Ferhan, who understands this pain best, appears before him. Ferhan gives Kartal the strength to take action for revenge. Efe and Çetin are aware that they need to bring Kartal back to their senses, even though they missed Kılıç and Baybars at the last moment. But they are always one step behind Kartal, who walks to his death alone in pursuit of revenge. After the tension between Kılıç and Baybars due to Bahar's death, Baybars is forced to continue his escape plan alone. The moment Kartal thinks that he has cornered Baybars, he is forced to make a choice again.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 27 Trailer

While Kılıç attacks Kartal at Bahar's grave, Efe consoles Leyla, who is terrified after what happened, with the words "I promise it will end". The increase in tension between Efe and Kartal draws attention. It arouses curiosity to whom the hand seen under the ground belongs to in the promotion, in which Kılıç, whose eyes are full of vengeance, is frightening.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 27 Summary

Having difficulty facing the death of his father, Kılıç begins to eliminate anyone who knows how Baybars was killed. Kılıç puts his brother Çetin, who had a share in the murder of Baybars, on the death list along with Kartal.

When the sword strikes most fiercely for revenge, it does more damage to one of the family members. Seeing that violence only breeds more violence, Leyla takes Efe's side against Kartal. Determined to protect her family, Efe turns a blind eye and implements her plan to open the last curtain, including Şahin and Çetin.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 27 released on Monday, May 23, 2022 at 8 P.M. on Show Tv channel... Read Also All Episode of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny)

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