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The new 372nd episode trailer of Emanet (Legacy) has been released! What will happen in the episode on Wednesday, May 3rd? 

The new week has started and the first day has passed in Emanet, which continues to be one of the most watched TV series in Turkey. In the production, which locks the audience to the screen with the episodes bearing the signature of Karamel Production, the experiences of the Kırıklı family will be discussed. Seher starts to remember the old days, but the worst. Yaman tries to get his wife out of this vortex. So, what will happen in the new episode? Here are the detail ....

emanet episode 372
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A new day has come in Emanet, starring Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu. Yaman and Seher continue to fight what happened to them in the production, where the events in the mansion lock everyone on the screen. After Seher loses her memory, everyone is mobilized to return to the old days. Not only Yaman, but Yusuf, Adalet, Neslihan, Ziya and Çiçek try to do their best. On the other hand, Ali and Duygu's struggle with Volkan for Yasemin continues. Here are 372nd episode trailer and episode summary of Emanet (Legacy) ...


Emanet (Legacy) Episode 372 Trailer

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 372 Summary 

Seher takes her nephew Yusuf with her after the big catastrophe and creates a life for the two of them away from everything. This new life she's created has brought new people to Seher and given her the chance to leave the past behind. Yaman's first mission after losing Seher and his nephew due to a lie he told to protect his brother and escaping a life-or-death struggle is to track down Seher and Yusuf. Reaching them, however, is more difficult than you might think. Seher has vanished without a trace. Seher is making enormous attempts to adjust to the simple life she has made with Yusuf when Yaman unexpectedly appears in front of her. This will be a difficult confrontation for both of them.

Because the greater their love, the greater the falsehood that keeps them apart. What will Seher's decision be when she sees Yaman in front of her, despite the passage of time and the anguish that divides them? The only goal now for Ali, who has made no room in his life for anything other than his profession, is to apprehend the offenders and bring them to justice. Duygu is pitted against him as a result of an operation they carry out with her crew. 

Duygu is a successful cop who is stern, rigorous, and strict. Ali, who was forced to cooperate with Duygu due to his superiors' directives, is well aware that this alliance portends trouble. Ali and Duygu, who had been getting to know each other over time, are dragged on a separate adventure by their conflicting cooperation. Will the presence of Duygu mark the start of a new chapter for Ali, who has shut himself off from the rest of the world?

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 372 Full Movie

Kanal 7's popular series starring Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu, Emanet 372nd episode will be released on May 3rd, 2022 on Kanal 7 at 7 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Emanet (Legacy)

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The progressive drop in views on YouTube over episodes due to poorly written scripts. Writer are you going to change to please the fans or continue murdering the series:/
Episode 200- 1,304,117 views
Episode 300- 685,433 views
Episode 366 - 335,269 views
Episode 367- 453,162
Episode 368 - 382,801
Episode 369 - 384,643
Episode 370 - 416, 248
Episode 371 - 292,260
Episode 372 - 225, 685