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Episode 6 Kara Tahta (The Black Board): Trailer And Summary

The new 6th episode trailer of Kara Tahta (The black Board) has been released. In the end episode; Irmak decides to give her life a completely different direction with what she heard from Atlas. What happen in the episode on May 18th?

Will Kara Tahta, starring the popular actors of our country such as Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner, be published this week? Kara Tahta 6th episode railer has been published on our site quickly. The new episode of Kara Tahta series, which was watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, will be with you on Wednesday, May 18, at 8 P.M.

The last trailer of the series has been added to the page! You can find out what will happen in the series, each episode of which is eagerly awaited, from this page, which we frequently update, and you can find the best tips on our website.

kara tahta episode 6
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The new trailer for Kara Tahta, the new series of TRT 1, produced by Üs Yapım, has been released. Kara Tahta, starring Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner, is directed by Ender Mıhlar, while the screenplay of Erkan Birgören is written by Erkan Birgören, and the first episode of Kara Tahta series has met with its audience on Trt 1 screens every Wednesday, starting Wednesday, April 30. Its presentation, which was published with the slogan "Where does a river that has lost its atlas, pours into" made a big impression. 

What happen in the end episode?

With the news from Yasemin, Irmak and Atlas have to leave in haste. The wrong step that Kartal is about to take is about to darken his whole life. Atlas does not hesitate to do his best to save Kartal. Irmak decides to give her life a completely different direction with what she heard from Atlas. Although this decision disturbs Münevver and Bekir, Irmak does not give up. 

Atlas, on the other hand, cannot control his heart anymore and finds himself at the door of Irmak once again. Bekir is determined to finish Atlas with his grand plan. It seems that the great evidence Alexander holds against Bekir will also be a part of this plan. With Bekir's plan, Atlas is left in great chaos in front of everyone. It is a question of how to get rid of this chaos. 

Kara Tahta Episode 6 Trailer 

Kara Tahta Episode 6 Summary

Irmak watches in desperation as Atlas is taken away by the police, and is once again devastated. Irmak, who is standing at Bekir's door with anger and pain inside, says that he now knows all the facts himself. Meanwhile, the unexpected person who confronts Atlas will do his best to fend off all the accusations. The evidence for the crime thrown on Atlas is quite strong. Atlas finds a way not to neglect his students and Aylin even in his current situation. 

Bekir, on the other hand, takes advantage of what happened to Atlas, and provokes the parents of the students. Bekir will see for himself that his colleagues and students stand behind Atlas like a strong wall. While Münevver continues his impulsive actions with the influence of Bekir to prevent Atlas and Irmak from getting closer, will another challenge Atlas face risk his teaching?"

The new 6th episode trailer of Kara Tahta (The Black Board) series has been released. The series will be on TRT 1 on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Kara Tahta (The Black Board)

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