Episode 6 Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor): Trailer And Summary

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The doctor coming and going of the people of Gümüşok to the hospital causes a crisis between Ömer and Hakan. The new 6th episode trailer of Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor) has been released. What happen in the new episode on May 13th? 

Kasabe Doktoru new 6th episode trailer has been released after the end episode of the series, it was wondered if the 6th episode trailer was released. So, what happened in the new episode of Kasaba Doktoru? Is the new 6th episode trailer released? Here are the details…

Kasabe Doktoru is a Turkish-made medical, drama and love television series signed by ARC Production, the first episode of which was broadcast on April 8, 2022. Has the Town Doctor 5th episode trailer been released? What happened in the last episode of Kasaba Doktoru? Is the new episode trailer released? While Hakan is dealing with the hospital, he is also making a plan for Erol Gümüşok's surgery. Ömer is in for a shock when he learns that Kemal Demir, whom he has been looking for for years, is Hakan Hodja, whose star he has never reconciled with. Knowing very well that in order to be a good surgeon, he must grow up with a good teacher, Ömer rejects the offer from Private Gümüşok Hospital. 

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While everyone thinks that Leyla will not accept to be a maid and will leave the hospital, Leyla starts working as a janitor. A big surprise awaits Ömer in an operation he has undergone. The nasty surprises waiting for Ömer will not only be limited to his job, but will also put an unexpected obstacle in front of his love for Leyla. Despite all of Erol's warnings, Yalçın has no intention of leaving Hakan alone. When Yalçın starts to put his plans into action, this time he will find a stronger and more determined Hakan than before. Here are 6th episode trailer and episode summary of Kasaba Doktoru ..... 

What happen in the end episode?

Ömer is forced to make a choice by Yalçın. The doctor coming and going of the people of Gümüşok to the hospital causes a crisis between Ömer and Hakan. Hakan is aware of Yalçın's game. Hakan, who entered into a negotiation with Erol over his surgery, learns about the project to transform the hospital into a rehabilitation center, and the color changes. On the other hand, nurse Sevil's father gets sick. Berk, who came to the hospital with the Gümüşok team, has to undergo the operation of Sevil's father. On the other hand, Mine, who went out to look for Hakan, sees him with Arzu, and his bad memories from the past come to life and the duo comes to a standstill.

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 6 Trailer 

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 6 Summary

When Ömer shares the news about his mother with Leyla, the ice between them begins to melt. Bülent, who found an informant in the hospital, implements his plan to expand his team and isolate Hakan. Bahar Nurse from Bülent's team goes over Leyla's trauma. Berk, on the other hand, uses Sevil, who is grateful to him for saving his father, to get information about Leyla. Mine secretly meets with Yalçın, who wants to meet with him to protect Hakan; but he is not aware that he is being watched by an enemy. Yalçın gathers trump cards to attract everyone, especially Leyla, to his side. While all this is going on, a suspicious person walking around the hospital all day will endanger everyone's life.

TRT 1 series 'Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor)' Episode 6, produced by ARC Film and produced by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu, will meet the audience on May 13th. Read Also All Episode of Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor)

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