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Final 15th Episode of Baba (The Father): Turkish Drama

Final 15th Episode of Baba (The Father) has been released! What happen in the final 15th episode of Baba? Watch the final 15th episode trailer here...

The preview scene of the highly anticipated season finale of Show TV's series "Baba", signed by Ay Yapım, has been released. There are emotional moments between the two in the scene where Büşra takes İlhan to the place where they first met. Here is Baba Episode 15 [final] preview scene...

SHOW TV's successful series Baba 15th season finale trailer has been released. In the season finale trailer released; While the Saruhan people are trying to adapt to their new lives, Kadir and Emin are preparing to enter a new war. While Servetus is still unhappy as a result of everything he has done, Büşra is still trying to convince herself that İlhan is a good person. The life of the Saruhanli family is not limited to these. Kadir is stunned when he hears what his brother has done. So what will happen in the season finale of Baba? Here are the detail ...

The season finale trailer of the Baba series has been released. The Baba series, which has been in the first place with a successful rating on SHOW TV screens for 14 episodes, draws attention especially with its giant cast. The series, in which we watch how the Saruhanlı family survives first with their external enemies and then with their internal conflicts, takes a season break with its 15th episode. 

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Believing that İlhan is not a bad person, Büşra offers to start everything over while she wants to heal the man she loves. It is a matter of curiosity how İlhan will respond to Büşra's impressive words. İlhan takes action to repay the blow he received from Kadir. As fortune sinks after the realities it faces, its cooperation with Firuz puts the whole family in danger. 

Returning to his family, Kadircan has a big confrontation with Cansu. While this confrontation completely changes his life, Kadir tries to gather the whole family. Büşra joins hands with Elif to find Ferit's killer. A decision made by Yaşar regarding Kadircan causes great tension between Binnur and Yaşar. While İlhan and Kadir face off to share their trump card, Büşra finds herself in great danger.

Gökhan Horzum and Ekin Atalar are writing the story of 'Baba (The Father)', the screenplay is by Ekin Atalar, and the director is Çağrı Bayrak. Here are final 15th episode trailer and episode summary of Baba (The Father) .... Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

Baba (The Father) Episode 15 Trailer [Final]

Baba (The Father) Episode 15 Summary [Final]

Kadir, who came out of the burning house with the help of the locals, manages to escape. Realizing that he cannot protect his family as a result of the incident, Kadir's next move is an attack to stop İlhan.

Büşra, who is in the middle, decides to find the person who killed Ferit in order to end this war. Cansu, on the other hand, begins to suspect that Şahika and Kürşat are not siblings. Servet, on the other hand, does not take Cansu seriously. Kübra gets angry with Cansu and while she tries to show that she is wrong, she learns who Kürşat really is.

Saruhanlı family, on the other hand, left the mansion and stepped into a new life. But Kürşat and Şahika turn everything upside down. While Kadir's moves are incessant, İlhan tries to secure his own wealth. Büşra, on the other hand, causes greater tension as she tries to reconcile İlhan and Kadir with the facts she has learned. 

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