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Sinem Ünsal And Halit Özgür Sarı Starring In the Series Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret)

One of the first series of the summer season, Fox TV and No Dokuz Yapım signed Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret) series, which will begin soon. We wanted to take a look at the new summer series to be published in the detective/romantic-comedy genre.

The most prominent of these series was the series Gizli Saklı, which brought together Halit Özgür Sarı who had a big break with the TV series Kardeşlerim and Sinem Ünsal, the shining star in the series Mucize Doktor.

Sinem Ünsal and Halit Özgür Sarı will be accompanied by successful names such as Tardu Flordun, Bülent Emrah Parlak, Şinasi Yurtsever, Ece Dizdar and İdris Nebi Taşkan. So what the synopsis of  Gizli Saklı series? Here are the detail .....

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Naz (Sinem nsal) recently graduated from the police academy and lives with his protective mother and uncle. A police force chasing a mob boss named Tarık Koşuoğlu (Tardu Flordun), decides to use Naz and crazy police officer Pamir (Halit zgür Sarı) together on a secret mission. Like a newlywed couple, Pamir and Naz will cross the house of a mafia family and gain Tarık Koşuoğlu's trust and bring him to justice.

In order to gain the trust of Tarık, who does not trust anyone and is not close, Naz and Pamir have to approach him, pretending to be married, and move to Tarık's opposite house. Although they are both cops in love with their job, their characters are just as opposite. Even as they work together to catch Tarik and bring him to justice, some disagreements cause problems between the two.

But what did they say? The greatest loves begin with hate! Read Also All Episode of Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret)

Character Cast of Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret)

Pamir/ Levent [Halit Özgür Sarı]

He is a successful civilian policeman. He is a bit of a maverick, but when the task is called, the running waters stop. He is fearless and unplanned. He gets angry because he thinks Naz will be a hindrance to him. Full of madness, Pamir is a man of duty. It is reliable.

Naz/ Yaz [Sinem Unsal]

The beautiful Naz, who has just graduated, completes the academy with the first place. He is a complete task lover. He lives with his mother and uncle. He's extra protective because he doesn't have a father. He has his principles, but still acts in a frenzy from time to time. The new name for the task is Summer. He doesn't get along very well with his partner.

Tarik Kosuoglu [Tardu Flordun]

Tarık, who is a big gun smuggler under the name of Balıkçı, attracts the attention of the police. But the police can never prove and catch his crime because he is very careful and works with an army of lawyers. He does not open up to anyone with his wife. So, will such a closed mafia trust Naz/Yaz and Pamir/Levent, who are assigned to catch him?

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