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Character Cast of Senden Daha Güzel: Turkish Drama

Who are the casts of Senden Daha Güzel? What their character? What the synopsis of the series? 

The cast of the TV series Senden Daha Güzel (More Beautiful Than You), produced by Gold Film, has been announced. Cemre Baysel and Burak Celik will be the stars who will come to the screen as a summer series. Senden Daha Güzel will begin broadcasting on Fox TV at 08 P.M on Tuesday, June 7th.

The conflict between a traditional female doctor from Antep and a very contemporary famous aesthetic doctor from Istanbul will be told in the TV series, Senden Daha Güzel, which will be on the screens in June 2022. The script writer is Ayşe Üner Kutlu and the director will be Deniz Koloş. Read Also All Episode of Senden Daha Güzel (More Beautiful Than You)


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Character Cast of Senden Daha Güzel

Cemre Baysel as Efsun

Cemre Baysel was born in 1999 in Izmir. She is a graduate of Ege University Painting Teaching. Although she made her debut with the character of Melis, especially in the TV series Don't Let My Hand Go, she has also been successfully featured in the TV series Ramo and Sol Yanım. Cemre Baysel, who took part in the character of Ada in the Baht Oyunu series, which is also a summer series in 2021, is 166 cm tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Cemre Baysel is in a relationship with actress Aytaç Şaşmaz.

Efsun is a young and beautiful woman who returned to Antep to work as a doctor after receiving plastic surgery training in the United States. Efsun, who lives in peace with her father on their farm in Antep, works as a dermatologist in her own clinic and takes care of many patients for free. Efsun's mother, Pervin Efsun, left her husband and children at the age of 12 and moved to Istanbul, expanding her business and becoming one of the most important plastic surgeons in Istanbul. Hearing that his mother is very sick, Efsun goes to Istanbul to say goodbye to his mother who is about to die; but she learns that the truth is not at all as described. Her mother threatens Efsun to take away her father's farm and asks her to stay at the clinic while she is away. Efsun decides to run the clinic for her father for 3 months.

Burak Celik as Emir

Burak Çelik was born in Istanbul in 1992. He attracted attention when he won the Best Model of World in 2013 and switched from modeling to acting. Burak Çelik, who proved his acting with the Karagül TV series, appeared in the TV series Söz Establishment Osman. Burak Çelik, who had his first lead role in the TV series Hayat Sevince Güzel, will also appear as the main boy in the summer series called Senden Daha Güzel.

Emir is a handsome and charismatic plastic surgeon. Emir's father, Kaya, is now a partner of Pervin and the aesthetic clinic. Emir is one of the most popular surgeons of the clinic. Emir thinks that he has come to take Efsun's clinic away from him, and a rivalry ensues between them. Emir is a doctor who sleeps with another woman every night but never sleeps with his patients.

Merve Sen as Binnur

Merve Şen was born on July 11, 1990 in Istanbul. The 32-year-old beautiful actress Merve Şen studied acting at Haliç University. Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk and Galip Derviş are important TV series featuring Merve Şen.


Binnur is Efsun's best friend and assistant from Gaziantep. Binnur is a very talkative and funny girl who knows the flying bird in the village. She is a graduate of nursing, she.

Gözde Kaya as Gülden

Gözde Kaya, who was born on August 13, 1988 in Antalya, is a graduate of Dokuz Eylül University. Gözde Kaya, who appeared on the screen with the TV series My Heart Chose You, has recently appeared in the TV series Çilek Kokusu, Payitaht Abdülhamid and Vuslat.


Gulden is a doctor who works in the medical department of the clinic and applies her aesthetic products in the TV series Senden Daha Güzel, and will fall in love with Emir. She is a dangerous girl like Scorpio.

Cihan Ercan as Yaşar

Cihan Ercan was born in 1984 in Ankara and is 38 years old. Cihan Ercan, a graduate of Ankara University Theater Department, has previously appeared in the TV series Leyla and Mecnun and I Miss You. Yaşar works as a life coach without life energy at Emir and Efsun's hospital. He is a man who does not enjoy life.

Tugce Kumral as Şirin

Tuğçe Kumral was born in İzmir in 1983 and is 39 years old. Şirin is the dietitian of the aesthetic clinic. She is a woman who breaks what she holds. She weakens all the patients she can get her hands on. Tuğçe Kumral will appear with her cute character in the series Senden Daha Guzel

Anil Celik as Mete

Anıl Çelik born in Ankara in 1988, graduated from Beykent University, Department of Acting. Doctor Mete is one of the doctors working in the clinic in the series Better than You. Mete is also a successful plastic surgeon; but she usually loses her patients to Emir. She always sees Emir as a rival to herself.

Ebru Cündübeyoğlu as Pervin

Ebru Cündübeyoğlu born in 1974 in Germany, Ebru Cündübeyoğlu is 48 years old. Ebru Cündübeyoğlu, who graduated from Uludağ University in Economics, is known for her Deli Yurek series. Recently, he has appeared in the TV series Married and Furious and Gülizar. Pervin is Efsun's mother. He has not seen his daughter Efsun since he was 12 years old. After Pervin left her husband Ferdi, she went to Istanbul and rose in business as a well-known and successful plastic surgeon.

Berat Yenilmez as Berat

Berat Yenilmez was born in 1970 in Sakarya. Berat is the father of Kaya Emir in the TV series Better than You. He is the partner of the aesthetic clinic; He doesn't come to the clinic very often, he stops at the company that deals with aesthetic products. Kaya is a rich man.

Sevinç Erbulak as Serpil

Darısı Başimize, was born in 1975 in Istanbul and is 47 years old. Sevinç Erbulak will appear with the character of Serpil in this series. Serpil is the mother of Emir in the TV series Better than You.

Ozan Kaya Oktu as Cem

Ozan Kaya Oktu was born in 1996 and is within the age of 26. Finally, Ozan Kaya Oktu, who took part in the series of Innocence, also appeared in TV series such as Payitaht Abdulhamid and Vurgun. Cem is the younger son of Yaşar Kaya and Serpil in the TV series Better than You. A university student, Cem constantly angers his father.

Cem Kurtoğlu as Ferdi

Cem Kurtoğlu was born in 1959 in Istanbul and is 63 years old. Cem Kurtoğlu, a graduate of Ankara State Conservatory, has recently appeared in the TV series Galip Derviş and Kurşun. Ferdi is the father of Efsun. He has a farm in Gaziantep, but it is in a bit of a financial situation. He owns a horse farm and loves horses.

Yunus Eski as Sarp

Yunus Eski, who was born in 1997 in Istanbul, is within the age of 25. The first TV series of Yunus Eski is the Exxen series named Student House. He gave life to the character of Görkem in the series. Sarp is the childhood friend of Emir. He is the owner of the cafe that Emir and his team usually go to. Efsun is shot as soon as she sees it.

Aziz Caner Inan as Taner

Aziz Caner İnan was born on June 1, 1985 in Rize and is within the age of 37. Taner is a plastic surgeon in the TV series Better than You. Taner is happy with his current hospital because he works in bad hospitals. He is happily married to his wife. He is one of the respected doctors of the hospital.

Kimya Gökçe Aytaç as Canan

Kimya Gökçe Aytaç born in 1989 in Istanbul. She entering the industry as a model, Kimya Gökçe Aytaç started acting with the TV series Small Murders and later became popular with the Early Bird series. Kimya Gökçe Aytaç, who made her name known to the world with the Evodokya character she gave life to in the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul, is married to actress Gökçe Özyol. Chemistry Gökçe Aytaç last appeared in the series Innocence. Canan is Emir's assistant. She doesn't like Efsun at all; She knows Emir very well. He knows and follows everything in the clinic; Nothing escapes Canan.

Sena Cakir as Asli

Sena Çakır who was born in 1994 in Balıkesir Bandırma, is 28 years old. He graduated at Celal Bayar University. Asli is one of Aslı Efsun's close friends living in America in the TV series Better than You. There is a horse farm in Istanbul.

Beril Kolcu as Burcu

Beril Kolcu is studying at a private university with a scholarship. He is at the same university as Cem. He will start working in Sarp's cafe. Although he is in love with Sarp, we guess that he will be in love with Cem.

Mutlunur Lafci

Mutlunur Lafçı was born in Istanbul in 1987 and acted for years at the Ekol drama art center. Mutlunur Lafçı, who studied theater at Müjdat Gezen Art Center, is especially known for her series Aşk Ağlatır.

Sinan Engin

Sinan Engin who was born on November 4, 1964, will be 58 years old when he is an actor in this series. Sinan Engin will be a celebrity who comes to the hospital to get botox in.

Ahmet Kurtoglu

Ahmet Kurtoğlu is the brother of actor Cem Kurtoğlu. She will appear for the first time as an actress in this series.

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