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Destan (The Epic) Season 2 [Episode 28] Release Date: Turkish Drama

Is Destan (The Epic) over, will there be a 2nd season and when will it be released? Will Destan (The Epic) make the season finale? Is it the last episode?

The final 26th episode of Destan, one of the most followed historical series of ATV, was a matter of curiosity. The series, which was watched with great interest with its first season, is searching for the finale this week. So, will Destan (The Epic) have a 2nd season?

The final episode of the Destan series, which attracted great attention in a short time, was on the agenda. Due to the final episode of Destan, one of the most popular TV series of the last period, we have gathered information about whether there will be a new season or not.

destan season 2
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Is Destan (The Epic) Making The Final?

The fate of the screen adventure of the Destan series, one of the ATV series, was a matter of curiosity. The "Destan" series, starring Ebru Şahin, will make the season finale tonight and return to the screens with its second season. Read Also All Episode of Destan (The Epic)

Will Destan continue? 

Mehmet Bozdağ both started working on the script for the 2nd season of the series Epic, and was looking for actors for new characters to be included in the script in the 2nd season of the series. Since the epic series is a historical series, a period of at least 2 months is required for players who cannot ride horses and do not use swords to fully adapt to the series.


2nd season agreements will be made with Edip Tepeli, Ebru Şahin, Burak Tozkoparan and Selim Bayraktar, the leading actors of the epic series; because the future of the epic series depends on the continuation of these actors. Especially if Edip Tepeli and Ebru Şahin do not want to take part in the 2nd season of Destan for some reason, in this case, even if the series gets good ratings, Destan will not be able to continue in the 2nd season.


Will Destan (The Epic) Have Season 2?

Season 2 of the epic series is definitely planned; however, there is never certainty in the TV industry; all plans can change in an hour. As soon as the scenario of the 2nd season of the series Destan receives approval from the ATV management, the work for the 2nd season of the series of Destan will accelerate.

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  1. it has to be a 2 season destan is better than osman

  2. I can't want for the 2nd season. I love this drama and the actores, they are the best.

  3. I love Destan. Hopefully it will he a 2nd season! 🌺

  4. Will it be A second season ?

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