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Episode 2 Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret): Trailer And Summary

The 2nd Episode Trailer of Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret) Series Has Been Released! What happen in the episode on Wednesday June 15th?

Gizli Saklı, the new series of FOX TV, started to be a matter of curiosity. After the last episode of the series ended, research on the new episode trailer, the subject of the series, the actors and where it was filmed began to increase. Here are the curious details...

What is the story of the Hidden Sequence?

Gizli Saklı, prepared by No 9 Production for FOX TV, is being prepared as a romantic comedy and detective series. The first trailer of Gizli Saklı series, which tells the story of the two policemen, has been released. Sinem Ünsal plays the character of Naz in the series, while Pamir gives life to the character of Commissioner. They portray a couple on a dual mission to work together in a civilian operation. Let's see how the secret missions of the duo, who do not like each other and do not want to be together even if it is a duty, will go. Will a fight at first sight turn into love?

Naz (Sinem Ünsal) has just graduated from the police academy and lives with her mother and uncle, who are protective characters. The police force, after a mafia boss named Tarık Kosuoglu (Tardu Flordun), decides to use Naz and the insane police officer Pamir (Halit Özgür Sarı) together on a secret mission. Like a newly married couple, Pamir and Naz will move across the mafia family's house and gain Tarık Kosuoglu's trust and bring him to justice.

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Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret) Filming Location

While it is the shooting location for the secret series, these places are mostly located in districts such as Beşiktaş, Sarıyer, Beykoz, Beyoğlu, Eyüp, Üsküdar.

What happen in the end episode?

To celebrate Naz's graduation from the Police Academy, her mother and uncle organize a dinner with the locals. During this dinner, a suspicious incident on the opposite sidewalk does not escape Naz's attention, and he immediately goes after the person he suspects. After a short chase, he catches the suspect, but there is a problem. 

The person he caught is none other than Commissioner Pamir, the indispensable name of the civil operations of the organized branch. After this unfortunate encounter, fate brings them together again in a covert operation aimed at the capture of Tarık Kosuoglu, a major arms smuggler. Moreover, as husband and wife. Naz and Pamir are now Tarık Koşuoğlu's new neighbors Yaz and Levent Güneş.

Gizli Saklı Episode 2 Trailer

Gizli Saklı Episode 2 Summary

While Levent and Yaz are having dinner with Tarık and his family, Adem enters their house to find out who their neighbors are. He finds a weapon hidden among the books and tells the situation to his aunt's son Tarık. Tarik now suspects that his neighbors are the police. Adem thinks that Levent and Yaz will not be understood to have entered their house, but Levent realized that someone had entered their house thanks to the solution he had in mind before leaving the house. 

Now the attention of both parties is on the other. Tarık tries to keep Levent and Yaz close to them and sets a trap for them. While Levent and Yaz are trying to get rid of this trap, the information that Uncle Namık has security on the site confuses things.

The 2nd promotional video of Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret), one of TV's new season series, has been released. A different summer drama apart from a classic love story. Read Also All Episode of Gizli Saklı (The Hidden Secret)

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