Episode 25 Kaderimin Oyunu (The Game of My Destiny): Trailer And Summary

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The new 25th episode trailer of Kaderimin Oyunu has been announced! In the end episode; The fact that Asiye and Cemal fight side by side for the first time allows the ice between them to melt. What happen in the episode on June 10th?

Kaderimin Oyunu is a Turkish drama television series signed by NG Medya, the first episode of which was broadcast on December 3, 2021. Watch Kaderimin Oyunu live! Is Kaderimin Oyunu 25th episode trailer released? What happened in the end episode? Here are the detail ....

Kaderimin Oyunu 25th new episode trailer has been released. Continuing from where it left off with its impressive production, gripping story and rich cast, the events in the 25th episode of Kaderimin Oyunu fell like a bomb on the agenda. According to the images in the 25th new episode trailer of Kaderimin Oyunu, which is also widely spoken on social media with its scenes full of love, drama and excitement, it will lock the audience on the screen with its tension-filled scenes. Here is the new 25th episode trailer and details of the series...

kaderimin oyunu episode 25
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The events in the 25th episode of Kaderimin Oyunu, which has managed to attract attention in every new promotional trailer, do not stop. Kaderimin Oyunu, which conquered the hearts of the TV series lovers with both its cast and its scenes full of surprises, is here with the trailer and details of the new 25th episode.

What happen in the end episode?

Cemal's taking on the crime of murder causes all the secrets to be revealed one by one. The mobilization to save Cemal from prison enters a new phase with another confession. The fact that Asiye and Cemal fight side by side for the first time allows the ice between them to melt. Unable to cope with all that has happened, Helin loses her control. In this case, it will be Cemal who hurts the most.

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 25 Trailer 

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 25 Summary

Helin's disappearance causes Cemal to fear losing his son. While Cemal is trying to find Helins, he is also fighting a relentless struggle to prevent Nergis from going to jail. A new era is about to begin for Cemal and Asiye, who are on their way through all these experiences.

Star Tv's new series, starring Öykü Karayel, Akın Akınözü and Sarp Apak, Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 25 released on Friday, June 10th. Read Also All Episode of Kaderimin Oyunu

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