Episode 3 Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby): Trailer And Summary

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Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) 3rd episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; Until Ertan's adventure at the meatball shop leads to Jovanka... Elena does her best to protect her family and continues her struggle alone. What happen in the episode on July 5th?

Has the 3rd new episode trailer of Balkan Ninnisi been released with TRT1? Watch 3rd episode trailer of Balkan Ninnisi here. Balkan Ninnisi series took its place on TRT 1 screens with its fitrst episode. Curiously, fans continues his research in the form of "Watch Balkan Ninnisi 3rd episode trailer". TRT1 and Balkan Ninnisi 3rd episode trailer and summary details are in our news ....

The new series of TRT1 screens, Balkan Ninnisi, was a guest of TV series lovers' homes with its first episode. Those who watch the first episode of the series want to watch the new episode trailer and continue their research in the form of "Watch Balkan Ninnisi 3rd episode trailer".

Balkan Ninnisi series, which was broadcast with its first episode on TRT1 screens, was offered to watch. Those who missed the first episode of the series and want to watch it again continue their research in the form of "Balkan Ninnisi 3rd episode full watch". Balkan Ninnisi 3rd episode full watch link and details with TRT1.

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Balkan Ninnisi Plot Story

The story of the city of Skopje, divided by the Vardar River and joined by the Stone Bridge… A new production is coming with its master cast, sincere and entertaining story! The series, which tells the sincere, sincere, cheerful and entertaining stories of the Balkan people, will also attract attention with its staff.

on both banks of the Vardar River; a Turk, a Macedonian… It's almost time to meet the impossible love of Ertan and Jovanka... They loved each other like a paper ship floating against the Vardar River. Well, will this ship be able to continue to float despite everything? The bridge of kismet wins everyone's heart. He leaves it on Vardar. Hearts are cleared by flowing... Life and love are lived together...

What happen in the end episode?

Disappointed while waiting for Ertan as an architect, Süleyman and Neriman begin to fear that a wound from the past is still not fully healed, due to the argument they had with Elena and Daniel at the hospital. This is not the first meeting of the two families... Süleyman and Neriman must put Ertan on the right path, they do not want to lose him like his brother Zafer. Ertan, on the other hand, realizes the damage he has done to his family while walking on his own path and starts working at the meatball shop by following the words of his mother and uncle. 

Everything is going its way. Until Ertan's adventure at the meatball shop leads to Jovanka... Elena, who is on the verge of bankruptcy, does her best to protect her family and continues her struggle alone. But the invisible opponent against him does not fight fairly at all, and does not hesitate to go through forbidden ways to get what he wants. The danger is much greater than one might think, with Jovanka on target. Irreversible things have happened, and a fate that cannot be easily resolved is knotted in the mansion of the Turkish family.

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 3 Trailer

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 3 Summary

Elena has lost everything. But Daniel's birthday present shows the family a new address to head to. Elena comes to Süleyman's mansion with her family. Will the deed connecting the two families come true? While the two families are arguing in the garden, Jovanka and Ertan come to the mansion together. Both families were shocked. The fact that Ertan and Jovanka come to the mansion together and that the Macedonian family will live in the mansion drives Süleyman and Neriman crazy.

Neriman's move against Süleyman's plan...

Süleyman's reputation is at stake. If it is heard that the Macedonians have come to his mansion, it will be a disaster for Süleyman. First of all, Süleyman makes a plan so that the neighbors do not find out that the Macedonians are in a Turkish mansion. But this plan will not be accepted by Neriman, he will try to disrupt this plan.

Big showdown at home...

On the other hand, Elena and Daniel decide not to leave the mansion for fear of their daughter being kidnapped. But when they realize that Süleyman is trying to keep them in the mansion, they make compelling demands in return. The path of Pavel, who sunk Elena and kidnapped Jovanka, crosses with Ertan. Ertan and Jovanka are assigned to solve the poster issue that their families are angry about. But Ertan's plan is different. Bored in the mansion, Jovanka wants to go to Matka Canyon, one of the most beautiful places in Skopje. 

While the two are going to Matka together, Gülbahar, who is curious about the relationship between Ertan and Jovanka, follows the duo. When Gülbahar tells Neriman what she saw, a big crisis erupts in the mansion. Neriman's trauma about her eldest son Zafer, who left home, comes to life. There will be a big showdown at home. The relationship between Ertan and Jovanka turns into a big crisis. Ertan does not want to say things that will make his relationship with Jovanka difficult.

The 3rd episode of the Balkan Ninnisi, which will be watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, is on Tuesday, July 5, at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby)

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