Final 26th Episode of Kaderimin Oyunu (The Game of My Destiny): Turkish Drama

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Kaderimin Oyunu (The Game of My Destiny) final 26th episode trailer has been released. What will happen in the final episode? Watch the alternative trailer here ...

The disappearance of Helin in the 25th episode of Kaderimin Oyunu causes Cemal to fear losing his son. While Cemal is trying to find Helins, he is also fighting a relentless struggle to prevent Nergis from going to jail. A new era is about to begin for Cemal and Asiye, who are on their way through all these experiences together.

Kaderimin Oyunu came to the screen with its 26th episode. After the episode aired, it was a matter of curiosity what will happen next week. Is Kaderimin Oyunu 26th episode trailer released? Is Kaderimin Oyunu a new episode trailer? What happened in the end episode? The final 26th episode trailer of Kaderimin Oyunu, which will be released on Friday, 17 June, is in our news.

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In the final trailer published; Divorced from Helin, Cemal runs to his family. This news, which makes the children and Asiye extremely happy, brings the family even closer. Mahir has now found the love of his life. Cemal proposes marriage to Asiye. Helin is in the middle of a great destruction. So what will happen in the final of Kaderimin Oyunu? Here is Kaderimin Oyunu 26th episode trailer and episode summary .....

STAR TV's series, Kaderimin Oyunu, signed by NGM Media, is getting ready to bid farewell to the screens with its final episode. Oyku Karayel, Akın Akınözü, Sarp Apak and Meriç Aral impress everyone with their acting in Kaderimin Oyunu, where we watch Cemal and Asiye's relationship over the years and what happened between them. So what will happen in the final of Kaderimin Oyunu? 

Kaderimin Oyunu Final Episode Summary

Disappearing, Helin confronts Cemal with the fear of losing his son. While Cemal is looking for Helin, there are other troubles. Cemal, who was trying to prevent Nergis from going to jail while he was looking for Helin and his son, is now tired. But during all these events, Cemal and Asiye's rapprochement leads the duo to a brand new adventure. 

Helin, who heard Cemal's confession of love to Asiye, thinks that he has been deceived. It is Nedret who can't control her anger and shows Helin the whole bitter truth as a slap. After Asiye forgives Cemal, Cemal, who does not want to wait any longer, takes action. Asiye and Cemal, who managed to stand side by side despite everyone and everything, take steps to establish a future like a fairy tale.

Final 26th episode of Kaderimin Oyunu will be on Star TV screens this evening. The children are very happy that Asiye gives Cemal another chance. Read Also All Episode of Kaderimin Oyunu (The Game of My Destiny)

Kaderimin Oyunu Final Episode Trailer

Cast of Kaderimin Oyunu 

Öykü Karayel as Asiye Yılmaz Demirhan

Akın Akınözü as Cemal Kaya

Sarp Apak as Mahir Demirhan

Meriç Aral as Helin Demirhan Kaya

Esra Dermancıoğlu as Zahide Demirhan

Müfit Kayacan as Harun Demirhan

Yeşim Gül as Emine Kutay

Iraz Akçam as Nergis Kaya

Yıldırım Özcan as Uğur Kaya

Ülkü Duru as Nedret Demirhan

Kaan Çakır as Raci Demirhan

Esengül Aypek as Zuhal

Onur Bilge as Fikret Kutay

Ayça Koptur as Gülsüm Kutay

Bartu Barlas Bozacı as Ahmet Demirhan Kaya

Cemre Melis Çınar as Meral

Elmira Akgün as İlayda Demirhan

Mustafa Arda Işık as Alican

Alper Irvan as Necmi

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