Gülper Özdemir And Erdem Kaynarca Starring The New Turkish Series Gül Masalı

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As we entered the summer season, new TV series started to appear on the screen. Atv is preparing to bring Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) series to the audience in the summer season. 

While Sadullah Şentürk sits in the director's chair of Gül Masalı series, Aybars Bora and Dilek Aydoğdu are writing the script. There are many successful names in the series, in which Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca are in the lead roles. Well, what is the story of Gül Masalı, who are its actors? When will series start? Here are the detail ....

One of the TV series that will come to the screens in the summer months was the series called "Gül Masalı". The first episode trailer, which is among the series that will leave its mark on ATV screens in the summer, has been released. Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca will be in Isparta in the lead role in Gül Masalı series!

The trailers, which many viewers commented on as being similar to Kalp Yarası (Heart Wound) series, which started last season and made its finale in February, were highly appreciated. Gül Masalı, in which we will watch the story of Toprak and Gonca characters, is a love story, but it also contains a great drama.

gulm masali casts
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The series, starring Erdem Kaynarca and Gülper Özdemir, is filmed in Isparta. The team, who made the first shootings for their first scenes in Istanbul, then moved to Isparta and continued their work there. The beauties of our city of Isparta, which were reflected in the trailers of Gül Masalı series, also made the series more talked about.

Gül Masalı was also meaningful because it was shot in a region famous for its roses. Erdem Kaynarca took on a great responsibility as the leading role in the story of Toprak and Gonca characters, which is full of tragedies but also contains love.

In his statement, the famous actor stated that he was investigating Isparta when the project first came, and said, "It looks like a very beautiful place. University city, Isparta, the capital of the land of roses. When we look at it, it will be a beautiful geography, an interesting and new breath on the screens," he said.

Gülper Özdemir, who played the character of Gonca in Gül Masalı series, where all the beauties of Isparta province will be reflected, was very impressed by the scenes shot in the rose fields. The actress said, "Gonca will be opened gradually in Isparta."

Describing the character of Toprak, Erdem Kaynarca stated that he will portray a character who respects and loves the land, nature and its blessings. The actor pointed out that the beauties and richness of the region coming from the soil will show itself throughout the story. Read Also All Episode of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose)

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