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Güven Bana (Trust Me) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Movie

What is the synopsis of Turkish Movie "Güven Bana (Trust Me)"? Who are in the casts?

Successful actors stand out again in the section of Güven Bana, one of the popular parts of Çember (The Circle) series. In Güven Bana, the enlightenment process of a mysterious murder comes to the screen. The film stars names such as Barış Bağcı, Pelin Akil and Anıl Altan. Here is Güven Bana (Trust Me) cast...

Güven Bana appears on the screen with her fans. In the episode, the team struggles to find out who the lifeless female body they encountered belongs to and who committed the crime. Clues take the team to different points. Here are the details of the movie .....

guven bana synopsis
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Synopsis of Güven Bana (Trust Me)

A human skeleton is found in a red suitcase, which was revealed by the recession of the waters of the reservoir. On the first examination, it is understood that the bones belonged to a young woman. Learning the news, chemist Ersin worries that the bones belong to his wife, Oya, who disappeared 6 months ago. Ersin, who is in love with his wife, only wants the murderer to be found as soon as possible. The clues obtained put the team on a completely different path. Although the clues show that different people are murderers, there is only one real question. Who killed Oya and why?

Cast of Güven Bana (Trust Me) 

Barış Bağcı as Barış

Pelin Akil as Ayşe

Sermet Yeşil as Şinasi Bülbül

Serhat Kılıç as Adem

Olgun Toker as Cumali Apaydın

Anıl Altan as Volkan

Aylin Şallı as Forensic Officer

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