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Mezarlık (Cemetary) Release Date: Netflix Turkish Movie

When does Mezarlık (Cemetary) series start? Who are in the casts of Mezarlık series? What is the story of Mezarlık series?

The release date of the Netflix series Mezarlık, in which Birce Akalay will take the leading role, has been announced. The publication date news came from Birce Akalay herself. So when does Mezarlık series start? Here are the answer.....

The latest developments about Mezarlık series, which will be one of the newest Turkish series of Netflix, continue to be followed by the series lovers. The broadcast date of the series Mezarlık, the script of which was written by Özden Uçar and Onur Böber, was announced by the lead actor of the series, Birce Akalay. So when does Mezarlık series start?

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Birce Akalay, who used the expressions "We will commit murders of women, it is a criminal business" about the cemetery series, announced that the series will be published in June. An important statement was made from Netflix on the subject.

According to the statement made by Netflix, ANS Film, produced by Abdullah Oğuz and starring Birce Akalay, Olgun Toker, Şehsuvar Aktaş, Berna Öztürk and Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu, is about the murders of women, which are the bleeding wounds of our country. The 4-part production will meet with the audience on 17 June. Read Also All Episode of Mezarlık (Cemetary)

Mezarlık (Cemetary)'s Casts 

Birce Akalay as Önem

Olgun Toker as Serdar

Berna Öztürk as Sofia

Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu Yılmaz as Feriha

Hakan Karahan

Şehsuvar Aktaş

Cem Sürgit

Elif Sevinç

Baran Güler

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