Rabia Soytürk Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

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Who is Rabia Soytürk, how old is she? Where is Rabia Soytürk come from, in which tv series did she act? Who is Ekim character in the series Duy Beni (Hear To Me)

Beautiful actress Rabia Soytürk Alparslan set a throne for the hearts with the Great Seljuk TV series. Soytürk, who gave life to the character of 'Karaca Hatun' in Alparslan, a period series, was appreciated by all the audience. Research on Rabia Soytürk, which has recently come to the fore with her new project, has gained momentum. Soytürk will return to the screens with the TV series 'Hear Me'. So who is Rabia Soytürk, how old is she? Where is the actress Rabia Soytürk from, in which productions did she act? Here are all the curious details...

Who is Rabia Soytürk?

Rabia Soytürk, who gained acclaim with every character she portrayed, graduated from the Nursing Department of the Health College. Soytürk, who stepped into the theater at a young age, received her acting training at the Sadri Alışık Cultural Center.

rabia soyturk biography

She appeared before the cameras for the first time in the mini-series Şahsiyet (Personality). How old is Rabia Soytürk, where is she from? Rabia Soyturk was born in 1996. She is one of the actresses born in Istanbul. The beautiful actress is 26 years old.

Rabia Soytürk's Tv Series And Movie 

Şahsiyet play as Süveyda

Gülperi play as Selen

Benim Adım Melek play as Defne

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu play as Karaca Hatun

Duy Beni play as Ekim

Veda Mektubu play as Asli

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