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Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar) Filming Location: Turkish Drama

Where is Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar) series filmed? What is the synopsis of Tozlu Yaka  series?

The series, which is being prepared by NTC Media, is expected to be a youth story. Work continues for the cast of the new series, in which Semih Bağcı will sit in the director's chair. "Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar)" series is expected to meet with the FOX TV audience soon. So, where is the series filmed? What is the story of Tozlu Yaka series?

From the trailer promotion, the filming location of Tozlu Yaka, which will start broadcasting on Monday, June 27, on Fox TV screens, and where is Tozlu Yaka filmed? Where is Tozlu Yaka Mahallesi? and Where Private Yağızoğlu College? We brought the answer to your questions. So, where is Tozlu Yaka series filmed? Here are the details...

tozlu yaka filming location
Image Via @FOX

Tozlu Yaka Filming Location

The school where Tozlu Yaka series was shot is Istanbul Private Little Prince High School. This high school is one of the schools of the French Saint-Joseph High School Educational Foundation. Since the schools in Istanbul Private Little Prince High School, located at Abdurrahman Gazi Mahallesi Ravza Caddesi No:2 Sancaktepe / İstanbul, have ended as of May 17, the shooting of Tozlu Yaka series has been allowed. 

The reason why it is called Private Yağızoğlu College is because it is feared that the set will be flooded with too many visitors. In reality, there is no school named Private Yağızoğlu College. Read Also All Episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar)

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