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Yargı (The Judgment) Final Episode: Ilgaz's Mysterious Death Solved

Ilgaz's mysterious death Solved! The news of Ilgaz's death in the last episode of Yargı (The Judgment) series shocked everyone. We also set up the string of this death and turned it into a clip.

The arrest of Ceylin on suspicion of murder, which we watched piecemeal in the last 5-6 episodes, became clear in the last episode. Ceylin, who is covered in blood, hides the bloody knife, which is the murder weapon, in a flower pot in her office, and in the final Eren's say "How did you cut it? How did you kill Ilgaz Kaya?" questions were the curious moments of the season finale.

yargi final episode
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Did Ceylin really kill Ilgaz Kaya? If he killed why? Why did this sad event happen 6 months after the magnificent wedding? What awaits us in the new season?

Yargı (The Judgment), which has kept the excitement alive from the first season, will be on Kanal D with its 2nd season! Read Also All Episode of Yargı (The Judgment)

2 comments for "Yargı (The Judgment) Final Episode: Ilgaz's Mysterious Death Solved"

  1. Is he really dead? And who killed him!

  2. Yargi series need not have to kill Prosecutor Ilgaz kaya ( actor Kaan ) in the end . He is the spirit of the serial n just to give twists and turns Director / story writer kill good human beings - season two should have ended with Chief Prosecutor who is corrupt should have been punished n Omer also should have been punished - So good deeds win over the evil.