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Demet Özdemir And Oğuzhan Koç On Their Honeymoon

Holiday photos with Oğuzhan Koç's fiancee Demet Özdemir became the agenda on social media. Where are they spending their time after getting engaged? 

Demet Özdemir and her fiancé Oğuzhan Koç are on a boat vacation in Göcek. The couple noticed journalists who wanted to view them. Oğuzhan Koç gave the binoculars he brought from the captain to his fiancee. Demet Özdemir made a victory sign for the journalists she was looking at with binoculars. Oğuzhan Koç opened his arms and smiled. 

Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç decided to get married on February 14, and they took the first step and got engaged last week. The duo, who thought to sit on the wedding table in September, already went on their honeymoon. They make a blue cruise with the luxury boat they rent.

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They anchored in one of Göcek's coves the previous day. And they had romantic moments alone. Oğuzhan Koç took his binoculars for a while and observed the surroundings. He didn't panic at all when he noticed the lenses. He gave the binoculars to his future wife. Demet Özdemir also gave a victory sign to our correspondent friend who was viewing her. Oğuzhan laughed at this situation. Valentine will continue the tour.

Unlike last summer, Oğuzhan Koç left his mark on social media with his muscles this summer. Oğuzhan Koç, who was on vacation with his fiancee Demet Özdemir, drew attention with his abdominal muscles. Koç's muscles were taken to ti by his soon friend İbrahim Büyükak.

While Oğuzhan Koç's muscular form surprised everyone who saw it, the most different reaction came from one of his close friends, İbrahim Büyükak. The famous name took his childhood friend to ti with his photo with effect. There were also those who called Oğuzhan Koç's muscular state a shop and an effect on social media. The sharing of İbrahim Büyükak made those who saw it laugh.

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