Destan Series Make A Final Season, Ateş Kuşları Will Replace The New Project Bozdag Film

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Sad News from Destan (The Epic) Series! The series Making Final Season! Ateş Kuşları Will Replace The New Project Bozdag Film.

There is bad news for Destan fans, one of the historical series of ATV that marked the last season! The news came as a shock to those who were waiting for the new season of the Destan series, starring the star actress Ebru Şahin, who married basketball player Cedi Osman in the past few days.

While waiting for the new season of Destan series, which is in the middle of the season, a news came that shocked the fans of the series. It was announced that the epic series would continue as it entered the season break. However, there is bad news in the latest information!

It was said that Destan, which is the series on ATV on Tuesday, will clash with Oktay Kaynarca's new series with Cihana Sığmazam. The shocking final news came when Destan series said what day it will be in the new season.

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Why Destan Series Make a Final Season?

Okay but why? Why is the epic series ending? Did Ebru Şahin not want to continue? It was claimed that the Destan series, which made the season finale, will be the finale. The producer of the series, Mehmet Bozdağ, has not yet made a statement on the subject, but the reactions on social media have already been like an avalanche.

It remains unclear whether the final episode of the epic series will be shot. According to allegations, the final episode will be made for the series, but according to another claim, the series will not return to the season without even making a finale. In such a case, what will be the reaction of the audience has already been a matter of curiosity.

What Series Will Replace Destan?

Destan series with heroines, which brought a new breath to ATV's historical series, was criticized for turning into a classic male-dominated historical series in the following episodes. The screenwriters of the series, Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, also penned the new series Ateş Kuşları (Firebirds), finalizing the final news. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Ateş Kuşları (Firebird)

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