Episode 5 Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar): Trailer And Summary

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In the end episode; While Ali is trying to find out what really happened to Vefa, Çağrı learns a much bigger truth from Hazal. The 5th episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar) will be released on monday, August 1st. Watch the trailer and episode summary here .....

The trailer of the end episode of Tozluyaka, one of the new season series of FOX, has been released. In the new episode trailer released; When the young people having fun together on the boat are having fun, suddenly talking about death creates tension. The rapprochement between Derya and Önder is increasing day by day. While Ali and Berk disappear, the involvement of families will force the children. So what will happen in the new episode of Tozluyaka? Here is the answer ...

FOX's new series Tozluyaka continues to attract the attention of the audience. The series, which meets with the audience in front of the screen every Monday evening at 08 P.M, is written by Yekta Torun. Names such as Emre Kınay, Dolunay Soysert, Kaan Miraç Sezen take part in the lead roles in the series, which bears the signature of NTC Media. Here are 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar) .....

tozluyaka ep 5
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What happen in the end episode?

The rapprochement between Cemre and Ali drives Berk and Zeyno crazy. While the silent war continues between them, Cemre and Ali still can't figure out what they're going through. However, this rapprochement does not turn Ali and his friends from the way they set their heads. The team, which is still searching for what Vefa went through that night, is faced with a big surprise. Hazal can no longer hide the truths she keeps inside and she makes a confession about what happened that night. This confession will turn everything upside down.

Realizing that what was said on the night of the concert was actually a lie, Ali is now determined to reveal the truth. After this time, he will do this not by the game, the plan, but by directly confronting Berk, who is the chief responsible of that night. Because of Çağrı's panic, some things have emerged faster thanks to Ege.

Risking everything, Ali starts a dangerous war. Arap and Zeyno are also involved in this war. In the end, they will either be winners or losers. Kenan, who worries about his son's life when Cemre tells him what she knows, takes Derya and Önder against him and sets Ali as his target. While Ali is trying to find out what really happened to Vefa, Çağrı learns a much bigger truth from Hazal. The sides of the war have now changed. What really happened that night?

Tozlu Yaka Episode 5 Trailer 

Tozlu Yaka Episode 5 Summary

The war between the young people turns into the fight of the adults. The anger from the past between Kenan and Derya is also coming to light. All these things have also rewritten everyone's relationship with each other. The results of the exams given for the child opened a new page for Kenan, Önder and Derya.

All the balances have changed, and the biggest questions have been answered with the emergence of new facts. This time, however, new questions and hidden secrets have come to light. Friend and foe will be on one side for the first time.

The 5th episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar), which will meet with the audience on FOX TV screens released on August 1st. Read Also All Episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar)

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