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Erkan Petekkaya to Star in New Turkish Series, O Kız (That Girl)

Erkan Petekkaya's new project has been announced. He will be starring in a new summer Turkish series called O Kız (That Girl)

The cast of Kanal D's series "O Kız", which is preparing to meet with its audience soon, has started to take shape. The talented actor Erkan Petekkaya, who has received great acclaim with every project he took part in, will meet the audience with a surprise character.

Erkan Petekkaya will return to the small screen with his new series entitled "O Kız". Previously, the name of this series was Hayallerim, Babam, ve Sen. Directed by Özlem Günhan, wrote the script of the series is Sırma Yanık. The series "O Kız" is about a celebgram. 

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Erkan Petekkaya, a successful actor who has always made a name for himself with his acting, also takes part in the cast of the series, where preparations continue at full speed. The master actor, who will come to the screen with a reverse character, will give life to the character of Kadir in O Kız. Despite being 45 years old, Kadir's life, which he perceives with the purity of a 5-year-old child, will embrace everyone in his life, no matter how cruel it is. Read Also All Episode of O Kiz (That Girl)

In the series "O Kız", Erkan Petekkaya will play the character of Kadir. Even though he is 45 years old, Kadir will appear in front of the audience with the innocence of a 5 year old child. This Focus Film production series is directed by Ozlem Günhan, written by Sırma Yanık, and will premiere on Kanal D.

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