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Özge Özberk Short Biography And Profile

Who is Ozge Ozberk? Who is Derya character in the series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği GibiWhere is Özge Özberk from and how old is she? Is Özge Özberk Married or Have Children?

The life of Özge Özberk, who was engraved in the memories with the character of "Young Yurdanur", which she portrayed in the series "Çemberimde Gül Oya" published years ago, became a subject of curiosity. Özberk, who started acting at a young age, is also acting in theater as well as TV series and movies. The beautiful actress, who received applause from the audience with the productions she played, is being investigated by her fans. So, who is Özge Özberk? Where is Özge Özberk from and how old is she? Is Özge Özberk married or has any children? Here are the ones who are curious about Özge Özberk...

Who is Özge Özberk?

Born in Istanbul, Özge Özberk was born on August 13, 1976. The beautiful actress Özberk, who has a brother named Özgür Özberk, graduated from the theater department of Müjdat Gezen Art Center.  She has a brother named Özgür.

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Özge Özberk's Career

Özberk, who completed her education at Müjdat Gezen Art Center Theater Department, undertook the task of director at Istanbul University Faculty of Business Poetry Theater Club between 2000 and 2002. The beautiful actress, who entered the world house with Hayim Sadioğlu in 2007, had a son from this union. But the couple divorced in 2012.

Acting as a dancer and actor in amateur theaters as well as in children's plays, the actor also took on the role of assistant director in the play "Oğlum Adam Olacak", and also took the stage. The beautiful actress, who has also appeared in productions such as Sır File, Bizim Evi, Yıldız Tepe, Bizimkiler, Çembermde Rose Oya, Broken Wings, Tree of Life, gives life to the character of Suna in the TV series "Bir Annenin Günahı", which is now broadcast on Kanal D screens.

Özge Özberk's Zodiac Sign, Height and Weight

Özge Özberk, who has the characteristics of a Leo zodiac, is 1.64 meters long and 53 kilograms in weight.

Is Özge Özberk Married?

Özge Özberk, who got married to Hayim Sadioğlu, divorced in 2012. He has a son named 'Leo' from this marriage.

Özge Özberk's  Tv Series And Movie 

2018 Bizi Hatırla play as Ece

2017 Arif V 216 play as Ceku

2016-2017 Kalbimdeki Deniz play as Deniz Öztuna

2015 Evlenmeden Olmaz play as Zeynep

2014 Hayat Ağacı play as Ayşen Kaya

2012 N'apcaz Şimdi? play as Nalan 

2012 Miras Türkiye play as Hostess

2011-2013 Pis Yedili - Filiz Öğretmen

2011 Canım Babam play as Cansu

2008-2009 Yol Arkadaşım play as Ayla Elmastaş

2008 Kolay Gelsin play as Özge

2008 Hakimiyet play as Yaratık

2008 A.R.O.G play as Ceku Balım

2007 Sinekli Bakkal

2007 Mavi Gözlü Dev play as Münevver

2007 Geniş Zamanlar play as Zehra

2007 120 - Münire

2006 Bir Demet Tiyatro

2005 Kırık Kanatlar play as Nazlı

2005 Babam ve Oğlum play as Birgül

2004 Çemberimde Gül Oya play as Genç Yurdanur

2004 Kadın İsterse play as Garson

2004 Dayı play as Ceyda

2003 G.O.R.A play as Ceku

2000 Yıldız Tepe play as Sevgi

1999 Sır Dosyası

1997-2002 Bizimkiler play as Zeynep

1995 Otogargara

1995 Bizim Ev play as Nihal

1995 Bir Demet Tiyatro

1993 Şaban Askerde

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