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Sadece Arkadaşız (Just Friends) Synopsis And Cast: Exxen Turkish Series

What is the synopsis of Sadece Arkadaşız (Just Friends)? Who are in the casts? Where is the filming location? Which platform and when will the series be released?

Exxen, one of the most preferred digital platforms of recent times, came to the fore with its new content. Exxen, which met with the audience only with the series of Friends, will be on the screens as an adaptation of "Love Snack" series. Sadece Arkadaşız of the series, the actors, the subject and when it will be published were the subject of curiosity. All the details about the series "Sadece Arkadaşız" are in our news.

The series "Sadece Arkadaşız", which will take place on the Exxen platform, will be broadcast as an adaptation from foreign content. Research on the actors and content of the series, which deals with the relationships between two young people, has increased. Here are the ones who are curious about the series of Sadece Arkadaşız ....

sadece arkadasiz synopsis

Directed by Emre Erdoğdu and written by Zeynep Koçak, the series "Sadece Arkadaşız" will begin shooting in the summer, while the series will be on Exxen in 2 seasons. "Love Snack", which was adapted by the series Sadece Arkadaşız, met with the audience in 2 seasons and 60 episodes and received great acclaim.

Synopsis of Sadece Arkadaşız

Two young people decide that whoever gets married will be the owner of the house, and they both struggle to find the right spouse, but they can't see that the right spouse is in their own house. The relationship between the two young people has been brought into the subject.

Emre Erdoğdu will be the director of Sadece Arkadaşız, and Zeynep Koçak will undertake the adaptation scenario. It is estimated that the series "Sadece Arkadaşız ", which will be shot in the summer of 2022, will be on the screen for 2 seasons. Sadece Arkadaşız series, in which only the scenario of the series Sadece Arkadaşız  will be adapted, met with the audience in 2 seasons and 60 episodes in 2017-2018 in Italy and received great acclaim.

Cast of Sadece Arkadaşız

Deniz Can Aktaş

Deniz Can Aktaş was chosen as the male lead of the series "Sadece Arkadaşız", which will be in Exxen. Born in 1993, Aktaş was born and raised in İzmir. Deniz Can Aktaş, who graduated from Piri Reis University Marine Engineering, developed herself by taking theater trainings after her education. The 29-year-old young actress made a name for herself with her successful performance in the series Avlu (The Courtyard).

Cemre Baysel

Cemre Baysel will play the female lead in the TV series Just Friends, which will be broadcast on Exxen as the summer series of 2022. The 23-year-old young actress who was born in Izmir in 1999 graduated from Ege University Painting Teaching and her first screen experience was in the series Elimi Birakma.

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