SELMA Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What the synopsis of Selma Series? Who are in the cast? What channel and when will the series be released? 

A new series is getting ready to appear on TRT 1 screens. The story of the series, which includes famous actors, is also very curious. What is the theme of Selma series? Who are the players of Selma series? Here are the details.

A brand new series is coming to the screen on TRT 1, Turkey's most watched channel. Selma, the new series of TRT 1 screen, managed to attract attention with its subject and actors. There are famous actors in the series. Zeynep Çamcı and Olgun Toker will share the lead roles in the series Selam. The series is produced by TMC Film, while the screenplay is written by Selin Tunç. The comedy series has already excited the audience.

selma synopsis cast

Selma series will be broadcast under the signature of TMC Film. A new series is coming from TMC Film, which previously produced TV series such as Bodrum Masalı, Nefes Nefese, Muhteşem İkili, Kıbrıs: Zafere Doğru  and prepared the TV series "Gecenin Ucunda", which will be screened in the new season.

Synopsis of Selma Turkish Series

The story of the series Selma, whose script was written by Selin Tunç, was not disclosed, but as the name suggests, the life and events of a woman named Selma will be discussed.


On which channel will Selma series be broadcast?

Selin Tunç writes the screenplay for the series Selma, which will be produced by TMC Film. Selma series will be broadcast on TRT 1 screens. We will add the actors of the Selma series, which is preparing to be one of the ambitious productions of TRT 1 channel, to our topic. TRT 1 has been broadcasting TV series that are at the top of the ratings lately. 

Cast of Selma Turkish Series

Zeynep Çamci

Zeynep Çamcı, who will play the leading role in the TV series Selma, was born on December 11, 1986 in Muğla. He studied Radio and Television Department of Istanbul University. He is known for the films Recep İvedik 2 and Recep İvedik 3. Later, she played a role in the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun, Emir'in Yolu, Seviyor Sevmiyor, Terapist, and stole everyone's hearts. The successful and beautiful actress is 36 years old and married to Serhat Bayram. It has a high of 1.62 cm and a weight of 55 kilograms.

Olgun Toker

Olgun Toker is preparing to appear as the leading role in the TV series Selma. He was born on March 12, 1986 in Mersin. The 36-year-old handsome actor has been involved in many projects. The actor, known for Hayat Sırları, Bir Aile Hikayesi, Güldür Güldür Show, Arıza, Son Yaz, Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk. He has a high of 1.80 meters and a weight of 77 kilograms.

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