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Viola Come Il Mare Synopsis And Cast: Italian Series

What is the synopsis of Viola Come Il Mare? Who are in the casts? Has the trailer been released? Watch Can Yaman speaking italian....

In the fall, in prime time on Canale 5, the new series Viola come il Mare, with the protagonists Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, begins. What role will our handsome actor Yaman and 2003 Miss Italia actress Chillemi play? Let's look at the subject of the series, the cast and the trailer...

Can Yaman And Francesca Chillemi

Viola come il Mare project is very valuable for Can Yaman. The most beloved star of 2022 has left Turkey to move to Rome, where she has placed herself in a beautiful place thanks to the deep love of her fans. As well as being a popular actress, Can has become an icon of attraction thanks to his new collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, which pursues him in every new project and important night. For Can, Lux Vide's new cut represents a pivotal moment in her career, she had to dedicate herself to learning Italian and diction perfectly while also competing with a traveling set in a new country.

Sharing her photos on the set with Can Yaman on her Instagram page, Francesca Chillemi clearly showed the beautiful relationship between them to make everything easier. But what is Viola come il Mare about? Inspired by Simona Tanzini's novel "Conosci l'estate?" Published by Sellerio, the fiction is shot between Palermo and Naples, and the production with dark events, also with funny scenes between the actors to brighten the atmosphere of the pure crime thriller, promises a lot of laughs.

viola come il mare synopsis
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Synopsis of Viola Come Il Mare

Here, Can Yaman plays Francesco Demir, a very bright chief inspector who is impressed by his meeting with Viola Vitale. With a diagnosis of a very rare neurological syndrome, who leaves Paris to return to Sicily, he begins to search for the father he never called while helping his investigation on Francesco's investigation, which will become his strength in the course of the episodes. An absolutely different TV series than usual will portray the connected and undeniably beautiful couple Can and Francesca formed on the television screens.

Viola Come Il Mare Filming Location

Finally, the shooting of the movie Viola come il mare was finished for months, but due to technical problems, the production will finally be released on Canale 5 before the fall and the trailer will be added to our news as soon as possible.

Cast of Viola Come Il Mare

Can Yaman as Francesco Demir

Francesca Chillemi as Viola Vitale

Simona Cavallari as Claudia

Mario Scerbo as Alex

Chiara Tron as Tamara

Ruben La Malfa as Carmelo

Giovanni Nasta as Turi

Daniele Virzi as Rosario

Romano Reggiani as Raniero Sammartano

Alessia D'Anna as Fiorella

Davide Dolores as Dr. Pierangelo Aiello

Kyshan Wilson as Farah

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