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Why Is Sevmek Zamanı (Time To Love) Make An Early Final?

Sevmek Zamanı (Time To Love) has ended with 5th episode? How could this happen? Will this series be continued for a second season?

The TV series Sevmek Zamanı was on the screen with new episodes on Monday evenings. The trailer for the 5th final episode of the index left the audience wondering. Deniz Işın and İlhan Şen are in the lead roles in the series. So, why was Sevmek Zamanı finale?

The TV series Sevmek Zamanı, which appeared on ATV screens, ended its screen adventure with the 5th episode. The series, whose script was written by Nalan Merter Savaş, will meet with the audience for the last time on Monday, July 18.

Their fans are investigating the reason behind the final decision. Yıldız Hülya Bilban is the director of the TV series Sevmek Zamanı, while Nalan Merter Savaş writes the script. Here are the details of the final decision of Sevmek Zamanı...

Why Was Sevmek Zamanı Make A Final?

The TV series Sevmek Zamanı, starring Deniz Işın and İlhan Şen, was on ATV on Monday evenings. Journalist Birsen Altuntaş, about the series that made the finale in the 5th episode, said, "However, the viewing figures did not meet the expectations except for a few TV series.

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And the first final news came from ATV. The channel's "Sevmek Zamanı", signed by Durus Film, bids farewell to the screen. The series, starring İlhan Şen (Kağan) and Deniz Işın (Firuze), will make the finale in the 5th episode.

Sevmek Zamanı Final Episode Summary

Firuze and Kağan make a promise to each other after hours of reckoning and love. Kağan will appear before Firuze after turning a clean page, and Firuze will wait until he returns. Realizing that they cannot break away from each other, what Mehmet will do is a matter of curiosity. Surrounding Firuze from all sides, Leyla directs her arrows at Feryat this time. She will hit him at the most sensitive point: from his profession... She will slander so much that it will be devastating for everyone. 

Taner, who cannot turn a deaf ear to Leyla's delusions, makes his last move. He threatens Kagan to return to Leyla over the crime Zeynep committed years ago. Kagan will either give up on Firuze or watch his mother spend her life in prison. Will Kagan be able to get out of this vortex? Will he be able to keep his promises to Firuze?

Firuze, who is in custody, thinks that Kağan has complained about her, but the reality is very different. Feryat takes his breath in front of Kağan, who he thinks has ruined his brother's life. Kağan, who got Firuze out from behind the bars, ends his two-year silence when he realizes that Leyla can cause him great harm. He yells in Leyla's face the shocking truth about the accident that cost his daughters' lives. Read Also All Episode of Sevmek Zamanı (Time To Love) 

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