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What is the synopsis of Zalim İstanbul (The Cruel Istanbul) Who are in the casts? How their character? Where is the filming location? When is the first episode released?

Kanal D's popular series, Zalim Istanbul, returns to the screens this evening with its eagerly awaited new season. In the first episode of the season; Seniz will go after Cemre and Nedim to save herself. He gave the signals with the new season trailer that nothing will be the same as before and the time for reckoning has come. So what is the synopsis of Zalim Istanbul? Who are the casts of Zalim Istanbul?

The Zalim Istanbul series returns to Kanal D with its second season. It is a matter of curiosity what will happen in the new season in the series, which has been followed with enthusiasm by the audience since the first day it came to the screen. So, what is the synopsis of the Zalim Istanbul series, and who are the actors actresses?

Zalim İstanbul (The Cruel Istanbul) Final 1st Season

In the 1st season finale of Zalim İstanbul, Ceren ties her arms at night because she fears Nedim's crippled state. This is a precaution he took for himself; however, it causes Cemre to make a decision. On the night of Nedim's wedding, Cemre enters the room to talk to him. She is very sad. Meanwhile, she sees the rope marks on Nedim's arms. She looks into the eyes of Nedim, who approves of what Ceren has done, and takes a bold decision. She also tells her about this decision. When Nedim's response comes, he takes action. She kidnaps Nedim from the mansion. Embarking on the ship, Cemre and Nedim are on their way to happiness.

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Zalim Istanbul, which has managed to appeal to a wide audience since the first day it was broadcast, was meeting with its audience on Kanal D. Zalim Istanbul, which was admired until the last episode, was shot by Avşar Film, owned by Şükrü Avşar. The subject of Zalim Istanbul, in which Cevdet Mercan sat in the director's chair, and its actors managed to be among the important projects of the screens.

There were important names among the Zalim Istanbul TV series actors. In the lead roles in the series; Fikret Kuşkan, Deniz Uğur, Mine Tugay, Berker Güven, Simay Barlas, Bahar Şahin, Sera Kutlubey, İdris Nebi Taşkan, Ayşen Sezerel and Gamze Demirbilek. The series, which has a strong cast, came to the screen on February 18, 2019 with its first episode. After talking about the successful cast of the series, it's time to talk about the secret full of secrets. So, what is the subject of Zalim İstanbul?

Synopsis of Zalim İstanbul

The series, "No one is innocent of the sin he has not been tested." It has been a mystery since the day it was published. The general story of cruel Istanbul consists of a struggle for existence stretching from Antakya to Istanbul. Seher, the main character of this struggle, lives in Antakya with her three children. Agah Karaçay, who is involved in the struggle from another perspective, is among the giants of the logistics industry. Agah is also Seher's hometown. When the paths of Seher and Agah Karaçay cross, a journey full of secrets that will put everyone to the test begins.

The character of Seher, played by Deniz Uğur, who is in the cast of Zalim İstanbul, is a true Anatolian woman who is firmly committed to her values. His most valuable assets are his children. So much so, "I kneaded the dough on my soil with my hands! My children do not know sin or haram." she only makes big words in situations involving her children. Agah Karaçay, one of the giants of the logistics sector, starts to look for a bride from his hometown for his nephew, who was confined to a wheelchair due to an accident in his childhood. An offer on this subject comes and reaches the grandmother Neriman. He is the heirloom of the Karachays who brought the offer, and the hometown of Neriman. But there is one thing Neriman knows. Seher would never accept such an offer. Grandmother Neriman starts planning various games by taking her little granddaughter with her to make Seher accept this offer.

Secrets and dangers hide behind the colorful and magnificent worlds of the Karachays. In the continuation of the story, Seher steps into the Karaçay mansion with her family. Here she does not know that she will be tested with what she fears most, her children. Greed and money shake the two families deeply and their important stones are shaken.

Character Cast of Zalim İstanbul

Fikret Kuşkan as Agah Karaçay 

Agah Karacay is a rich, authoritative and powerful businessman. He came to Istanbul years ago from his hometown Artvin, and after the death of his older brother, he established Turkey's largest logistics company, as promised; worked hard and earned a lot grow. He has a son named Cenk and his nephew Nedim whom he has to take care of. Nedim is his older brother's son and is physically disabled. In fact, although Agah Bey loves his own children very much, he always had to keep his distance from his children because he had to maintain his stern stance.

Mine Tugay as Seniz

Seniz is the most beautiful wife of Agah Karaca. Seniz, who plays Agah in her hand, is a dominant woman. Şeniz, one of the important figures of the society life, values ​​the prestige of the family and the prince Cenk above everything else. For Şeniz, her husband and daughter always come after her son and the prestige of the family. Şeniz, who tries to increase the prestige of the family by doing charity and fading it into the eyes of everyone, carries the heaviest secret of her life on her shoulders like a huge burden for the prestige of the family and for her son Cenk. Seniz does not want Agah's nephew Nedim at home. For this reason, he gives medicine to Nedim and does not want her to come to him; because Nedim has seen and witnessed many things that he should not have seen.

Ozan Dolunay as Cenk

Cenk is the only son of Agah Karaca and the only heir in his entire inheritance. Cenk was educated abroad, made numerous debauchery and returned to the country. Cenk, who is the most handsome in the society, is considered cool and very handsome by the girls. After the bad event, Cenk has turned into an irresponsible young man who makes all kinds of extravagances to provoke his father. Cenk, whose heart is shattered, is no longer able to carry this big secret on his shoulder. Later, Cenk will fall in love with Seher's daughter, the servant of the mansion.

Berker Güven as Nedim

Nedim Agah is the son of his brother, who died at an early age. As a child, he mysteriously fell from the roof and was paralyzed. Agah Bey had always blamed himself for Nedim's accident. Nedim continues to live with his uncle despite the objections of his aunt, Seniz; but his cousins ​​won't support him either. Although Nedim shows signs of improvement from time to time, he still cannot walk in an unbelievable way. Not wanting Nedim's recovery, his sister-in-law, Seniz, sees Nedim as the only responsible for all the bad events. Nedim has seen many things and is the only witness of what happened. For this reason, Şeniz does her best to prevent her from getting better in a controlled way.

Simay Barlas as Damla

Damla is the daughter of Agah Karaca, a social media addict and phenomenon. Damla is a small copy of her mother, Şeniz. Damla, a pretty cool girl, is also far from the realities of life. Damla has seen her cousin Nedim as a freak since childhood and has never brought her friends home. As Damla grows, she starts to feel sorry for Nedim. Damla is mostly angry that her father takes care of Nedim, not them. There will be a rapprochement between Civan, the son of the mansion's maid, and Damla, a girl who breaks her grip and is toothy.

Deniz Uğur as Seher 

Seher is a strong loving mother. After his wife passed away, he continued to live with his mother-in-law, two daughters and son. Seher, who expects nothing but the health and happiness of her children from life, avoids her children from everything because she is raising a fatherless child; However, life will test Seher, who has to come to Istanbul, through her children. Seher is a maid who has just started working in the mansion. Seher enters the service of Agah with her children and stays in the outbuildings of the mansion.

İdris Nebi Taşkan as Civan

Civan is the 19-year-old son of Seher, who is a dead man, and has a responsibility. Since Civan is the last child, he is the apple of his mother's and grandmother's eyes. After his father's death, Civan took the responsibility of being the man of the house. After school, he worked both in a coffee shop and in a repair shop and brought money to the house. Civan, who has nothing to do with girls who are not vagrants, graduated from high school even though it was difficult and does not have a university in mind. Istanbul has different plans for Civan, who is thinking of working and earning money in Istanbul.

Sera Kutlubey as Cemre 

Cemre is Seher's beautiful eldest daughter. Cemre, who received a nursing education, received a Nursing education not because she wanted to, but because she had to earn money and support her family immediately. Cemre, who always draws attention with her beauty, has always managed to keep men away from her with her harsh attitudes in order not to upset her mother. Cemre starts to work as Nedim's private nurse in Agah's mansion and realizes that Nedim has been made this way by Seniz. Cemre will fall in love in Istanbul.

Bahar Şahin as Ceren 

Ceren is the little daughter of Seher, who is trying to find a rich husband and her job is to steer. Aware of her beauty, Ceren gets everything she wants by using her beauty and charm. Ceren, who is only 20 years old, has a character that does not show her traces by walking in the snow. Ceren, who has no moral ties to her family, has a character who can sell her entire family if necessary in order to achieve her goals and live the life of her dreams. She wants to marry Ceren Cenk, who is in love with Cenk, and live the luxurious life of the Karaçay family, but she will not reach her goal as easily as she expected. Her grandmother sells Ceren to the Karachays to marry Nedim for money, but Ceren thinks she will marry Cenk.

Ayşen Sezerel as Neriman 

Neriman is the mother-in-law of Seher and the grandmother of the children. She is a greedy woman. She wants to get rich quick by giving a girl to the Karachays. Neriman comes to Istanbul from Artvin with his daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

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